10 Hero Combo Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)


Bruno is a very strong marksman hero, he is very flexible and has good damage and crowd control for a marksman. For you Bruno users, this is the best Bruno Mobile Legends combo hero that you can use.

Bruno is the best marksman with the ability to throw balls at his opponents. The ball is very sticky and can continuously attack opponents with adjacent areas, this hero is suitable for fighting in teamfights.

This time, Esportsku will provide information about the best Bruno combo hero that you can use in the Mobile Legends game. So for those of you who are curious, please refer to the following review.

List of Hero Combo Bruno Mobile Legends

5 Hero Combo Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

The heroes that are suitable to be combined with Bruno are heroes who have abilities


5 Hero Combo Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

Bruno’s first combo hero is Tigreal. This tanker hero has the ability to collect his opponents at one point. Therefore, Tigreal is a very suitable hero to take advantage of Bruno’s ultimate abilities.

When Tigreal initiates, he will easily collect opponents, next Bruno’s ultimate attack will release and give a bouncing attack on all opponents who have been stunned by Tigreal.


5 Hero Combo Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

The next hero is Eudora. A real mage hero, this hero has very deadly area and CC attack abilities. He can be very good to be in combo with Bruno.

The combination of these two heroes makes it possible to attack with enormous damage. Eudora provides stun attacks and also high damage. However, it must be noted that this combo attack must have a tank hero as the initiator.


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The next hero is Atlas, a tanker hero who is very tough and has abilities similar to Tigreal. Atlas is a good hero for you to combo with the Bruno hero.

Atlas can act as the initiator to find prey and then gather his opponents in one attack. This attack will collect the opponent and then beat him with Bruno’s ultimate.


The next hero is Ruby, this one hero has the ability to attract his opponent. You can use the ultimate attack that can attract several opponents at once.

For opponents who have been drawn will be collected. Next, use Bruno’s basic attack and ultimate attack to finish off the opponent. This combo is very flexible and deadly.

Making your attacks even better because of this, surely Bruno will get better in battle because of the Combo with Ruby.


Bruno’s best combo hero is the Minotaur, which is one of the best heroes you can combine with Bruno in Mobile Legends.

This one tanker hero has very good ionization abilities, the Minotaur will enter the opponent’s defense and then give the ultimate attack with an airborne effect.


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Gatotkaca is a very tough tank hero, this hero has a hybrid fighter role so he has enormous damage and is also strong.

You can try to do the Gatotkaca combo with Bruno. First, use Gatot’s ultimate attack to attack your opponent, this attack will jump in the specified direction.

After Gatot hits an opponent, all opponents will be hit by a Knock Up effect, all opponents attack with Bruno’s ultimate and basic attacks.


Jawhead is a fighter hero who has versatile abilities, this hero is often played as a tank or offlaner, playing this hero relies on his second skill which can throw opponents.

You can try to do a combo with Bruno, first target your opponent using the ultimate Jawhead, then attack your opponent with the first skill and throw it at Bruno with the second skill.

Bruno will welcome the opponent and attack him freely, all comboed opponents will lose quickly.


Guinevere is one of the fighter heroes with magic damage abilities, her abilities will be even stronger and deadlier thanks to item damage.

This one hero is very deadly in the early game to the late game. You can try Guinvere to combo with Bruno.

First, use Guinevere to attack the opponent by initiating it, the opponent who is hit by the attack will be knocked up and use the ultimate. Lastly, Bruno will attack from behind to help damage.


Next is Silvanna, you can try combos if you use Bruno and this hero. The combo launched is very deadly and anyone who gets hit will immediately lose.

First use Silvanna by using her ultimate, this attack will lock the opponent and the enemy cannot escape.

Then attack with Bruno’s ultimate, with this attack it will continue to bounce off all opponents and make the opponent take continuous damage.


The last hero that you can try for a combo is Kagura, this one hero mage has very good CC skills, Kagura can fight opponents and collect them to one point.

First use the ultimate Kagura which deals damage and spreads to all heroes, in a few seconds, the opponents will be attracted and gather at one point.

Finally, use Bruno’s ultimate to attack all adjacent opponents, this ball attack will continue to attack nearby opponents until they are defeated or separated.

So, those are the best Bruno combo heroes in Mobile Legends. Among the heroes above will definitely make Bruno’s hero gameplay in Mobile Legends even better.