10 Heroes To Counter Diggie Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku this time will give you a row of the best Diggie Mobile Legends hero counters that you can use in a match in Mobile Legends. Now for details, please refer to the following review, OK!


This is the best line of Hero Counter Diggie Mobile Legends (ML) that you can use to beat him. As you know, Diggie himself is very annoying because he has the ability to remove CC from his opponent.

To beat Diggie requires extra time. In a match, if you want to count Diggie, you are required to use several heroes who are resistant to stun and other attacks.

The ability to withstand various attacks such as CC in the form of slow and taunt must also be owned by this hero if you want to counter Diggie heroes. Now to beat him easily, you can use the following heroes.

To defeat the Diggie hero in a match. You can use the following row of hero counters for Diggie Mobile legends.


First is Hilda, which is the best Diggie Mobile legends counter hero that you can use right now. Hilda’s abilities are the best of the best that you can use.

Because this tank fighter hero can withstand the attacks of the CC hero Diggie. You can also hold Diggie so that it doesn’t interfere with other heroes. Just use a combination of his skills to withstand the attacks that Diggie releases in the match.


Tigreal is the next hero counter for Diggie Mobile legends which has the best ability that can give Diggie a crushing battle. As you know, this Tigreal hero has a CC ability which is very deadly.

So you have to make sure the timing is right. For example, when Diggie uses his second skill, you just use follow until he pulls you, then use skill two to get closer to your opponent and bring out the ultimate. Make sure Diggie’s ultimate has been used.


The next hero is Claude, who is a very deadly marksman hero, especially for his excellent mobility. As you know, the ultimate for these two heroes is fairly the same, which is to provide an area that can be used.

But the difference is Claude to attack, Diggie to hold back, even though Diggie uses his ultimate, Claude can withstand the attack so that wherever Diggie runs it will be very easy to chase him.


So the next hero counter for Diggie Mobile Legends is Aldous. This fighter hero has an ability that is fairly deadly, with just one attack he can defeat him very easily.

To defeat the Diggie hero is fairly easy, just use your ultimate which targets the Diggie hero wherever he wants, after that, use the first skill combination to attack and the second skill for shield and Diggie’s attack with one attack.


So next is Kaja, which is one of the best Diggie Mobile legends counter heroes that you can use right now. Kaja’s ability that you can say is able to counter almost all heroes, including Diggie, you can also use.

Use the first skill and second skill to speed up mobility and inflict damage on your opponent, then ultimate to attract Diggie to your partner. Make sure you always have friends!


The next hero you can use as a hero counter for Diggie Mobile legends is Franco. Just like Kaja’s hero, Franco has the ability to suppress how many CCs are currently the most deadly CC.

So you guys will find it difficult to hook on DIggie, but by using a combination of flicker and ultimate direct, you can reach Diggie very easily and then beat him.


The next hero you can use in a match is Chou. He can be the best Diggie Mobile legends counter hero to beat him. Because Chou is unforgiving to all heroes. He can definitely beat him.

Use a combination of attacks as usual, to get close to Diggie, use the first and second skills, then use the ending attack using the ultimate from Chou’s hero. This one hero can lock and beat Diggie very easily.


Who would have thought that Zilong could be one of DIggie’s hero counters in Mobile Legends. You can use the first and second skills which can target and attract Diggie heroes.

In the first attack, it might be released with the ultimate. However, this second and first skill has a very short CD, by using the CD you can attack again and lock its movements in Mobile Legends.


The last is to use the hero Nana who is a very deadly mage support. Thanks to the ability of his second skill which can provide a morph attack on his opponent. He can turn opponents into puppets.

With these skill abilities, of course, Nana can easily interfere with Diggie’s movements, especially the ability of these two Nana’s skills to continue for you to use in a match in Mobile Legends.

By using the Diggie Mobile legends hero counter above, of course, you have decided to beat the Diggie hero using what hero. Even so, don’t ensure only one hero. You also have to decide on the right hero counter for other heroes.

So that’s all for the list of hero counter recommendations for Diggie Mobile legends that you can use in the current Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful and see you soon. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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