10 Strengths and Weaknesses of Meta 2 Marksman Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku this time will provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of meta 2 marksman in Mobile Legends. So for those of you who want to listen to it, please read the following review in full!


Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games that you can currently play. There are many metas that are present that you can play, one of which is meta 2 marksman. Unlike Meta 2 Core, these are the advantages and disadvantages of Meta 2 marksman Mobile Legends. Esportsku this time will provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of meta 2 marksman in Mobile Legends. So for those of you who want to listen to it, please read the following review in full!

As the name implies, meta 2 marksman allows you to use two marksman heroes at once in one match. Marksman is usually used as the main hero core, and the second marksman is played as a sidelaner.

The following is an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of Meta 2 Marksman Mobile Legends. For those who are curious, please see the full review below.

Advantages of Meta 2 Marksman Mobile Legends

The dealer’s damage is very large

The first is the very large damage dealer thanks to the ability of the marksman hero who does have high damage especially when the game reaches the mid to late game.

The advantage of this one allows you to play hero marksman more perfectly, this is because meta marksman can give you a very large damage ability, especially when the game has reached the late game.

Have Very Strong Teamfight Ability in Late Game

The next advantage is the teamfight ability which is very strong and dominates during the late game. This meta is one that is related, especially when you are in a position of urgency and almost have lost.

Meta has a very solid defense when the late game arrives. This is because the damage incurred is very large because it has 2 marksman cores. Especially if both marksman heroes are ready, victory is in sight.

If You Can Survive, High Winning Percentage

Playing this meta is to survive in the early game and focus on farming. If you can survive in the early game reach the mid game. Now, when the teamfight takes place in the late game, your game will have a large percentage.

This meta is very strong especially if the tank and support heroes are playing well. It’s just that, when playing this meta, you must use a user tank and your support is good at playing the role it has.

Can Do Farming Quickly

Next is being able to do farming very quickly. Like which marksman hero has the most damage. This can make meta marksman can do farming very quickly.

The faster a hero in farming, the faster the level and gold he collects. This will provide an opportunity for 2 meta marksman users to give their team victory.

Is One of the Best Meta

Meta 2 marksman is one of the best meta in Mobile Legends today. Even so, this meta was previously not very good to play because in a match it is very rare to be able to use 2 marksman at once.

However after the previous tournament match. Meta 2 marksman was introduced and became one of the best meta that you can play in Mobile Legends at this time. So interested to try it?

Weaknesses of Meta 2 Marksman Mobile Legends

Vulnerable to Lose in Early Game

The first weakness of Meta 2 marksman is that it is weak when played in the early game. This is because this meta has small damage at the beginning of the match while your opponent has very large damage.

The way to play this meta is to wait for the mid game until the late game to provide enough exp and gold for the two marksman. Then in the early game itself, you have to be careful with the type of hero mage, especially those with CC abilities.

Difficult to apply when solo

The next drawback is that it is difficult to use for solo play. Yep, user marksman usually has a very high ego. This meta will be very difficult to apply, especially if you play solo.

For example, when the main marksman uses a red buff, the second marksman uses a blue buff while the opponent uses a hyper carry that uses two buffs at once. This will make it difficult for you to play and will be pressured by your opponent. We recommend that even if you use Meta 2 marksman, you can play using one hyper marksman and one marksman offlaner.

Difficult to Fight Opponents Using Assassin

The weakness of the next Meta 2 marksman is when fighting hero assassins. As you know, marksman is indeed the target of assassin heroes who have low durability and mobility.

So for assassin heroes it will be very easy to ambush the marksman hero first in a teamfight. This hero is specifically for ambushing marksman heroes and mage heroes as the main target.

Highly Dependent on Tankers

The next weakness is that it relies heavily on the tanker hero as a cover for the marksman hero. This makes it possible that the marksman hero is very weak and needs protection from tankers and support.

Hero marksman will depend on the quality of the hero tanker in Mobile Legends. Now that way, the tanker hero will have enormous damage and can also provide the best attack in the game.

Have Many Counters

Using Meta 2 marksman has a lot of counters. One way to counter this meta is to use two assassin heroes or use a hero lock in Mobile Legends.

To defeat Meta 2 marksman, simply aim for the main core hero of the meta and then attack the second marksman hero after that use a follow-up attack on the hero that deals big damage.

So, those are some of the weaknesses and advantages of Meta 2 marksman Mobile Legends. Hopefully, the presence of the above review can provide a useful and informative explanation for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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