10 Tips for You to Make New Friends in Free Fire, Make New Friends Now!

By playing together, it will surely be more fun rather than playing by yourself. Here we have some information for you on how to make friends online in Free Fire


Android games is not only useful for you to spend our leisure time or merely to play games. Nowadays, you can play android games with your friends online, and even with complete stranger. And it would be great if you get to know each other while playing together with other players. Here I’ll show you 10 Tips on how to make new Friends in Free Fire. Check it out!

Be Nice However She/he Treats You In Game

I believe that how you treat people with kindness in game is contagious to the stranger you meet online. If you’re being nice to the stranger you meet, no matter how toxic or annoying of a person that stranger is, if you treat him/her well, she/he must have treat you the same way because how we treat others always reciprocate to ourselves.

Turn on Your Voice Chat!

While in a match, don’t forget to turn on your voice chat to communicate better with your friends. Don’t forget to tell them to turn on their voice chat too! It will be a boring gameplay if you play together without turning on the voice chat. The game will be dull and boring, and it will be harder to communicate with each other.

However, if you turn on your voice chat, it will be a much more exciting gameplay and it will be easier to communicate and cooperate with your teammate. You can also spill your best jokes to have fun or talk about other things while playing together, which will make your gaming experience much more interesting than ever.

It Will Be Nice if Your New Friends is in the Same Vicinity as You Are!

While meeting someone new online, don’t forget to ask them where they live. It would be nice if the person you meet live nearby or even next to you! You’ll have a chance to make new friends even better by getting them to meet up with you and play together afterwards.

Don’t Get Too Serious, Spill Some Jokes With Them

Well, it’s a game after all. What’s the point of being too serious while playing some android game? Crack some jokes with your teammate, it will make you play more calmly and sometimes it will even better your gameplay with your teammate.

Even pro players crack jokes in a match, even in tournament! A little bit of a joke will help the team to calm down while in game and it sure is a fun thing to do while playing with your friends.

Don’t Blame Each Other

To make you and your friends have better chemistry and to have a good time in the game, don’t blame each other if someone makes mistake. Which is why, don’t forget point number 4 to prevent things like this from happening.

Make sure you say sorry or apologize every time you or your friend makes some mistake. Remember, it’s a game after all! So no hard feelings on some little mistakes that you or your friends make while playing.

Keep Playing Together

In order to maintain your friendship, don’t forget to invite your friends to play together. That way you can maintain your friendship by playing together every time you log in the game. It will also better your chemistry with your friends, if you often play together.

Give Some Gifts to Your Friends

If you’re a good friend, make sure you give gift to your friend sometimes. By giving them diamonds around 70 or more, it will surely indicates that you are a really good friends to be around with. And by giving your friends gifts, your friends will more likely give you back, so it’s a reciprocal thing and it’s a nice thing to do, by giving each other!

Create a Guild With Your Friends

By creating a guild, you’ll also create a community with your friends. And maybe your guild can expand by getting new members to join, and your community will be bigger and better.

Join Tournaments

There’s always a tournament presented by Garena for you players, to make the Free Fire community get better and bond together. If you’re joining a tournament, make sure you play with your friends that you know best, so you’ll know what to do with each other in the tournament.

Don’t Do Anything Stupid!

What that means is don’t betray your friends. Try not to hurt their feelings. It will make you lose friends and it will make your gaming experience became worse without any friends to play together with.

See? Nowadays we can make new friends anywhere, even in game. Make sure you try these tips and see if it works.