12 Free Fire (FF) Character With Their Best Weapon

Here we'll explain how every character will be at their best performance with their personal best weapon in Free Fire. Here's some character with their best weapon.


Free Fire offers you many interesting things to utilize. And for those who play Free Fire recently, there’s always some updates that players can enjoy in the game. There’s also character feature that players can choose in the game. Free Fire will always get better as time goes by, in order to gain more users every time. Garena as the developer of the game, is always updating and renewing the game as time goes by. Some of the features that is always updated is the characters in Free Fire. Garena will also held many events for the players to join. Here we have 12 Free Fire (FF) character with their best weapon.

Free Fire (FF) Character With Their Best Weapon

Here we’ll explain how every character will be at their best performance with their personal best weapon in Free Fire. Here’s some character with their best weapon.

DJ Alok (All Type of Weapons)

DJ Alok is one of the strongest character in Free Fire. His capability can be very deadly if a skilled player use this character. He is capable of increasing his healing and movement speed, so you will be hard to kill using this character.

All types of weapons in Free Fire suits this character. Alok is suitable as a rusher in Free Fire. He is also suitable as a tank with every weapon available.

Jota (SMG/Shotgun)

This is a character originated from Indonesia. Jota has a good rush capability if a good rusher is using this character. Jota’s skill will enable him to heal himself as he kills an enemy with a shotgun or SMG.

Laura (Sniper)

Next is Laura. She is a character with higher accuracy skill than the other. So she will be more deadly if the players uses a weapon with a scope. She is considered as one of the best character in Free Fire, in terms of accuracy.

Kelly (Assault Rifle)

This character has a really useful skill, as she is able to run faster than other characters. And she is also capable of giving huge damage towards the enemy, because after she runs, she can shoot the enemy with higher damage too.

The assault rifle is suitable for this character, because this weapon is effective to use as the player runs from one position to another.

Alvaro (Launcher)

Alvaro is a demolition specialist in Free Fire. His character’s skill is that he is able to increase any explosive damage that he use in battle.

Rafael (All Types of Weapon Except the Launcher)

This character is suitable for stealth play. Since his character’s skill is that he will be able to silence all weapons that he use with a suppressor or silencer. So this character suits every type of weapon.

Caroline (Shotgun)caroline free fire

Caroline is one of the best rusher in Free Fire. Her skill enables her to run fast while holding a shotgun. Using this character while using a shotgun can make you a deadly rusher in close range battle.

Nikita (SMG)

Reload is one of the crucial moments that can decide whether you’ll kill or be killed. Nikita’s skill is that she is able to reload an SMG faster than anyone.

Kapella (Pistol, Treatment Gun)

Kapella is a support character than can increase the whole team’s healing capability. Don’t forget to always bring a treatment gun with this character, since the treatment gun will be more effective with Kapella using it. Here’s some tips to use this character in Free Fire.

Wolfrahh (All Types of Weapon)

Wolfrahh is considered as one of the most overpowered character in Free Fire. He can increase any weapons damage even if he shoots towards the enemy’s body.

Clu (All Types of Weapon)

Her skill is that she is able to locate the enemy’s position. So she can expose a hiding enemy no matter how hidden they are. A good scout like Clu is suitable using any types of weapon.

Paloma (Assault Rifle)

This character’s skill is quite unique. Her skill is that she can keep some of the assault rifle ammo outside the backpack, so your inventory can save more items afterwards.

And that’s some of the Free Fire characters with their own personal best weapon. Remember these tips as you use one of these character in Free Fire later on. Good luck and don’t forget to follow esportsku!