13 Latest Free Fire (FF) Cheats, Script Diamond and APK

Here we have some cheats in Free Fire that is still available to use in the match.


13 Cheats in Free Fire is still available now. As we know it, Free Fire is one of the most popular game right now, with up to 250 million players worldwide. So Garena is always trying to update the game for better experience so the players won’t leave the game and keep the excitement going.

In Free Fire, there are many types of players that you will find. And cheater can also be inevitable.

13 Latest Free Fire (FF) Cheats

Here we have some cheats in Free Fire that is still available to use in the match.

Wall Hack

Wall hack is a cheat, where the cheat will make the players will be able to spot enemies practically everywhere. This cheat enables player to find an enemy hiding in any wall no matter how thick it is.

Wall hack is a see through cheat, so the enemy’s position will be easily exposed. If you find this type of cheater, it can still be defeated. This can be really bothering for players that like to camp in one place.

No Recoil Cheat

Even though this game practically doesn’t have any recoil, but the recoil is available in the bullets fired. With this cheat, the cheater will be able to shoot straight up. This cheat can be disrupting the fun that normal player is having.

High Damage

Every weapon in Free Fire have reasonably effective amount of damage for the enemy. However, there are some cheat where it can increase the damage of any weapon.

With this cheat, the damage doesn’t even make any sense. It can kill an enemy with a single bullet, fired at any part of the body.

Aim Lock / Auto Headshot

This cheat will direct any firing direction automatically towards the head of the enemy. As we know it, headshot is the highest damage available to instantly kill an enemy.

If you find this type of cheater, you really need to play it safe. Try to attack from the rear so you won’t get shot. Or you can check out these tips to fight one on one with your enemy.

Infinite Ammo

This cheat is actually kind of hard to spot. But you better be suspicious once you find an enemy that keeps on shooting non stop.

Night Mode Cheat

There is nothing special about this cheat. This cheat will turn your game to look like night time with a night sky. But with a white enemy cheat, it will be a dangerous cheat combo.

Fast Parachute Cheat

This cheat can be really annoying since the cheater can easily find a weapon and wait for other players to land and easily kill.

Bulletproof Cheat

This cheat can give the players an auto win because the cheater will not receive any damage no matter how much he is shot.

Antenna Cheat

This cheat can be more dangerous than wall cheat. It’s because this antenna cheat will make the cheater be able to spot any enemy around the map. This can expose the players position anywhere they hide.

Speedrun Cheat

This can be considered as a funny cheat because players can run very fast with this cheat. It can even compete with the speed of a vehicle.

White Enemies

This cheat will change the appearance of the enemy. The enemy will look complete white so you can spot them easily, as they cannot disguise themselves in tall grasses anymore.

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This is a quite popular cheat, because players will later be able to use multiple cheat at once.

And that’s some cheat that is still available to use. And the cheater might be roaming around you. Good luck and don’t forget to follow esportsku!