4 Best Tips Free Fire to Get away With a Zipline

In this occasion we will give you some information about ziplines in Free Fire, and how to use them to make your great escape! Check it out!


To fill your leisure time, there are many games available for download in android. And with those many games available, you’ll have plenty options on what to play in your device. If you want to have fun with your friends and even strangers online, you can try playing Free Fire with your friends online. You can also meet new friends in the game, and play together too. Here we have some tips to use zipline in Free Fire for you to escape.

To make the fun even more, you guys need to update the game in order to get the latest June update to make your gameplay even more exciting.

And  don’t forget to locate the Groza weapon in Free Fire to enhance your firepower in the game, and be more deadlier for your opponents.

Free Fire Tips to Get away With a Zipline

When you play, be on the lookout for ziplines in the area. This feature is kinda like the Launchpad, but the differences is that the zipline already have the designated destination and the travel range is not as far as the launchpad.

So, here’s some tips for you to make your getaway safer than ever.

Look Around

You wouldn’t be able to fire your weapon while you’re on a zipline. So it will give your enemy a chance to locate you and easily kill you with a decent aim. So it’s better to look around before you use a zipline.

Watch the Zipline Route

As we know it, the landmine is quite a deadly explosives. you can try using the landmine, by placing it at the end of the zipline to trap your enemy. And for yourself, lookout for landmines at the end of the zipline. You can land early or try to shoot the landmine to survive the trap.

Look on the Minimap

You need to look at the minimap before you ride the zipline. If the map indicates that the area around the zipline is safe, you can safely ride the zipline for better mobility. But it’s better not to use the zipline if there’s enemy around.

Land 1 meter From the End of the Zipline

Lastly is to land at around 1 meter from the zipline, to prevent you from getting hit by a landmine. It’s crucial because players usually put landmine on either side of the zipline.

And so, we hope you now know how to properly ride a zipline safe and sound. Now you won’t have to worry about being killed while riding a zipline.