4 Free Fire Pro Tips on Using Kapella in FF

Kapella is one of those character needed the most by every team. Her buff skills cannot be underestimated because it's very useful for the team


Free Fire offers you many interesting things to utilize. And for those who play Free Fire recently, there’s a new update on June that players can enjoy in the game. Free Fire will always get better as time goes by, in order to gain more users every time. And after the recent updates, new weapons specification is also there for better playing experience.

Kapella is one of those character needed the most by every team. Her buff skills cannot be underestimated because it’s very useful for the team. Kapella Free Fire  skills will enable her to heal others and reduce HP loss. She is one of the most valuable character when you play as a squad. She is also one of the best support character in the game that you can use to support your friends. Here’s some tips on using the character Kapella in Free Fire.

1. Always Bring a Med Kit

In Free Fire, Kapella is acquired with a skill called Healing Song which is really valuable. Her skills is quite easy to utilize. Kapella’s skill effect is to increase the healing effect in herself and her teammate. Her skill effect is also to decrease her team’s HP loss. So don’t forget to bring a med kit everywhere.

2. Treatment Gun is a Must

Treatment gun is a quite overpowered pistol. Because not only that it can heal your teammate, it can also give huge damage towards your enemy. With using Kapella, this weapon’s healing ability will be increased.

3. Make Sure There’s a Teammate With a Healing Skill

Kapella’s skill will get even better if there’s another character with a healing skill in the team. You need to have either DJ Alok or Notora in the team, to strengthen your squad even more. Having a capable healing skill, of course he’s a decent fit to combine with Kapella. With them together in a team, the healing effect will be much higher in that particular team. So you won’t have to spend much on med kit, with Kapella and DJ Alok in the team.

4. Don’t die early

Kapella Free Fire is a character that is fairly easy to use, yet her skills are really effective. Having various skills and high level of skill cap, Kapella’s role in the team is really vital. She is a character that’s the most responsible for the team. The most important thing with Kapella is that she shouldn’t die first in the team, or else it would be such a waste. The reason is that she is a valuable buffer in the team, so losing her is a huge cost for the team.

That’s some tips for you players if you want to use Kapella as your character in Free Fire. Remember these tips and you’ll be the best support in the team. Good luck!