4 Tips to Win Guild Race in Free Fire

Recently, players are presented with Guild Race Event. In this event, all you have to do is to increase your guild point in order to be number one in this event.


Playing video games can be one of the most exciting activity to do. In android, there are many games provided for users to play, and one of the game genre is a battle royale game. There are many battle royale game in android, and you can try Free Fire to have the best battle royale experience.

In the future, Garena as the developer of the game, will always gives us new updates and events for us to enjoy. There’s always events coming up available in Free Fire. There is a special event in Ramadhan called the Booyah Ramadhan Event, for example. And one of the event provided by Garena is the Guild Race, with many prizes to come.

Other than that, Garena is releasing a new event, called the Guild Race. All you have to do in this guild race is to increase your guild point in order for you to be number one in this event. If you’re a winner, your guild will win many prizes that you can claim together. Here’s some tips for you to win the Guild Race in Free Fire!

1. Be Active in Your Guild

First thing first, you need to be an active player in Free Fire. And most importantly, you need to be an active member in a guild. With that, you can gather more guild race point even more. The more points you achieve, the more likely for your guild to win race and get some interesting prizes later on!

2. Play Together with Your Guild Member

You need to play with your guild member in any way, either duo or squad mode. By playing together, you can gain guild points faster, and you can also finish the guild race faster than playing alone. The more you and your member kills an enemy, the more your enemy will be number one.

3. Play in Ranked Mode

In order to finish this event, you need to play in ranked mode to gain more. By playing in ranked mode in Free Fire, you can push your rank with your guild member, while also gaining guild points to be number one in the guild race. We have the best character combination for you to push your rank in Free Fire here!

4. Promote Your Guild

Don’t keep your guild closed. You’re gonna need your guild to be open to new incoming members. So don’t stop promoting your guild in order to gain popularity. And with more active members, your guild can surely be easier to become number one in this guild race. Here’s some tips to gain your guild popularity in Free Fire that you can check out!

Well that’s some tips for you to win the guild race with your guild member. Apply those tips in the game, and we can assure you that your guild will be number one!