5 Best Tank LOL Mobile Wild Rift, High Sustain!

Tank in Wild Rift is not just a champion with capital armor or HP because some can be said to be "not" tanky, but they fall into the tank category.


For those of you who are fed up of being ganged up and dying easily, maybe you can switch to role tanks. The best LoL Wild Rift tanks that are here can help you get even stronger. If you think that the tank is support you are not wrong, but not right either. Some of the tanks in Wild Rift can even become “carry” if played correctly.

Tanks in Wild Rift are not just champions of armor or HP, because some can be said to be “not” tank, but they fall into the tank category. Maybe you ask “how come it’s not tank but gets into a tank”, the answer is easy.

The tank category itself is very ambiguous. There are champions who are not tank but have good sustain such as buffs and lifesteal. There are also those who have damage reduction which ultimately makes them tank. Some of the champions below are the best tanks that you can use;

  • Blitzcrank
  • Alistar
  • Amumu
  • Jarvan IV
  • Malphite

Esports have created  for those of you who are still confused about what tank to use. Some of these tanks have entered support, Baron, and even jungle. You could say that the Wild Rift tanks are quite diverse, so there’s no need to be confused.

Let’s discuss the 5 best Wild Rift tanks that are perfect for you to use. They are the best champ at the moment because there are not many tanks. But this is in their favor because there are not many competitors, so just auto pick.



Even though he has been hit by a big nerf, Blitzcrank is still the best tanker. He is often said to be the on / off champion because Blitzcrank has a high impact, or is not useful at all. This is because of the hook, if it hits an important champion at the right time, the team will EZ win.



Alistar is a terrible support tank. As a support, he will play very aggressively, sometimes giving space and easy kills. Thanks to its high sustain and myriad CC, Fighting Alistar will make enemies watch out. He is a true tanker with a capable skillset.



Amumu is a tanker who used to fill the jungle. Even though it can roughly fill Baron or support, Amumu is better played in the jungle. Amumu is terrifying thanks to his easy to stick skillset. Not only that, his damage and CC AoE can be his main weapon.


Jarvan IV

Jarvan is a strange tank. You could say that he is more suitable to be said as a fighter because he doesn’t have as much sustain as the champions on this list, but make no mistake because Jarvan is a strong duelist. He can lock down many people and his semi tank build is very beneficial for him.



This champion is highly underrated, even though Malphite can be said to be one of the best champions in the Wild Rift. Can fill Baron, mid, support, and even if you want a jungler. Malphite has a lot of tools in his skills. Starting from high damage, CC, to debuff.


Those are some of the best Wild Rift tanks that you can use. They are very strong and terrible, can have a high impact on the team. Even some of these champions can be said to be key champions.


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