5 Champion Counter Kai’sa LOL Mobile Wild Rift

Even though Kai'sa was terrible in the late game, he was quite easy on the counter. You have to make him suffer early in the day and don't let him snowball.


There are 5 Kai’sa Wild Rift champion counters. As one of the best hard carry today, you could say Kai’sa is in a very good position. Kai’sa has a very high damage output later in the late game and this is what makes it popular. But he still has a counter.

Even though Kai’sa was terrible in the late game, he was quite easy on the counter. You have to make him suffer early in the day and don’t let him snowball. Besides that Kai’sa you also have to pay attention to the build. AP builds and AD builds have very different play styles and will have different counter ways.

With his very high potential, of course this makes him quite terrifying. If you don’t take care of it from the early game, later Kai’sa will become a troublesome hard carry. It’s hard to fight Kai’sa with full items because he will easily melt all the opposing champions.

  • Miss Fortune
  • Ashe
  • Jinx
  • Draven
  • Vayne

These 5 champions can beat Kai’sa in the laning phase. Having an advantage at the beginning of the game, they can excel at GPM according to my Esports if played correctly.

Here, let’s discuss the champion counter Kai’sa Wild Rift. You have to counter because in the late game he will be very terrible later, especially with full items.


Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a very strong laner. As an ADC, she wasn’t that weak in the early game. This is thanks to the damage that was already very high at the beginning as well. Miss Fortune passively, skill 1, and skill 3 can make it difficult for opponents to laning.



There is one thing that really excels Ashe when matchups against Kai’sa, namely distance. Indeed in 1v1 Kai’sa is stronger, but in a game where the team is compact and Ashe can attack freely is a nightmare. Ashe can deal more consistent damage and strong pokes on the lane.



Jinx is the same as Kai’sa, they are both hard carry. But if you compare the damage output in team fight, Jinx can win far. Kai’sa is a somewhat snowballed champion and Jinx can take advantage of this. With poke also very high damage Jinx can be terrible.



8 of the 10 Draven games during the laning phase, usually Draven will win against anyone. This is thanks to his very terrible skillset, making him a monster even in the early game. Draven is a very strong champion when played properly against Kai’sa.



You could say Vayne is a champion who looks a lot like Kai’sa. Both are terrible hard carry champions. But in the early phase, Vayne’s stun and mobility were superior to Kai’sa. Vayne with the right support can be a difficult matchup, especially if the positioning is strong.


Those are the 5 Kai’sa Wild Rift champion counters that you can use. Coming with other K / DA members, of course, gives a spotlight to these members. Kai’sa is no exception with his carry potential.


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