5 Easy Way to Top Up FF Diamond Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is a Battle Royale type game that is very popular in Indonesia. There are already a lot of people who play and download the Free Fire game, besides that Free Fire became the best game holder in 2019 yesterday.


Every online game has a currency in the game. Later you can buy various kinds of items to make your character better than before. Usually you have to buy it in a certain way, so you can get the currency in the game. This time there is How to Top Up the Easy FF Diamond Garena Free Fire

pe game that is very popular in Indonesia. There are already a lot of people who play and download the Free Fire game, besides that Free Fire became the best game holder in 2019 yesterday.

The currency in Free Fire is called Diamond, this function is to be able to buy various Bundle items or do Spin. Compared to other games, the currency in Free Fire is arguably cheaper and very friendly.

Top Up Diamond is one of the things if you want to make a character appearance and the chances of winning are higher than before. You can buy weapon skins or characters with the best skills using the Diamond. How to Top Up Free Fire Diamond?

On this occasion we will provide several procedures for Top Up Diamonds in the Free Fire game. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Easy way to top up FF Diamond Garena Free FIre

Ensure Enough Credit

The most important thing about How to Top Up Free Fire Diamond. You have to make sure that your cellphone number has a sufficient amount of credit. This is so that you can later buy Diamond Free Fire according to existing prices.

For example, the price of the Diamond is IDR 50,000, so we recommend that you top up IDR 60,000 so that later you can pay the taxes that are in the purchase.

Login to the Free Fire Game

If you have confirmed that you have enough credit, the next thing is to log in to the Free Fire game. When you enter the game, choose the Diamond Icon next to the Gold Icon to be able to continue purchasing Diamond Free Fire.

After that, you will be immediately directed to a Free Fire Diamond Purchase Tab. That’s how to Top Up the second Free Fire Diamond.

Choose according to your wishes

Then you can choose according to what Diamond wants to buy. For example, if you only fill in the credit of 20 thousand, then you can only buy Diamond for 16 thousand and pay 10% tax.

There are many options available, but this is to your liking. If you want to buy something that costs 700 thousand, it doesn’t matter.

How to Top Up Free Fire Diamond by completing a purchase

After you choose, you will be faced with the Google Play Tab to complete the purchase. Later, the operator name will also appear that you can use to make payments, for example, a Telkomsel card for payment via Telkomsel credit.

Next, you will be asked to enter the Gmail account password that is on your cellphone. Enter the Password, then complete with Verification.

Enjoy Your Diamond

After completing the purchase, then you enter the Free Fire game to see the Diamond you just bought. Later a notification “Payment was successful. Items will enter your Inventory in a few moments ”.

Press OK. To continue, if you are lucky you will be able to get additional prizes for other items such as Free Fire Characters.


Those are some of the ways that you must do to easily Top Up Diamond Free Fire . How? Will you immediately top up?

Greetings, Booyah.