5 Free Fire Tips on Being a Notorious Killer in FF!

You need to be really skillful in the game in order to get more kill in a match. Here's some tips for you to kill more in Free Fire!


Garena will always present you new updates and events. More updates and events, and the game will be even better. All of the updates and events is surely presented for the players for them to gain new features in the game. One of the feature in the game that players liked the most is the characters. The weapons in Free Fire is also vary. And you can check out the best SMG in Free Fire that you can use. There’s also a launchpad in Free Fire, where it can take you far enough to a certain point that you wanna go to. In the game, there are many items that you can loot. You can check out the new Kill Secured Mode in Free Fire here.

In Free Fire, you need to be really skillful in the game in order to get more kill in a match. Here’s some tips for you to kill more in Free Fire!

1. Use the UAV Feature

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The UAV drone can expose the enemy location by scouting them from the sky. This way you can track and kill your enemies faster! But beware, because the UAV drone can spot yourself too.

2. Land in a Crowded Place

If you land in a crowded place, you’ll find many players near you right from the start of the match. This is a great way to get more kill in the match. But it’s also a high risk decision. By doing this, you need to be able to fight with what you have. Because you won’t always find a good weapon right away. You can even fight with only a pistol if you’re not lucky enough!

3. Use Your Favorite Weapon

If you’re using your personal favorite weapon, you wil be able to use the weapon even better than other weapon. Remember, choose the best weapon that suits your playing style. If you like to play long range, you can try using the sniper rifle and assault rifle. If you’re a close range player, you can try using the SMG or a shotgun.

4. Always Change Position

As you finish looting and kill some enemies, try to move to another place. By keep moving from one place to another, you can find more loot for you. And for you blood thirst player, you might as well find more enemies ahead!

5. Try to Find Magazine Attachment

Magazine attachment is really important because it can increase the weapon capacity. With more ammo capacity, you can surely kill more enemies in one mag!

And that’s some tips that we can give you to kill more in Free Fire. The desire to kill is not enough, you need some skills and strategies to do it too!