5 Importance of a Map in Free Fire, Know Your Routes!

There are many benefit of using the map. Here's some importance of the map in Free Fire that you need to know!


In every battle royale game, map is a really important aspect that every battle royale game should have. In Free Fire, the minimap is really useful for every players to identify everything that is happening in the map as the match goes on. There are many benefit of using the map. Here’s some importance of the map in Free Fire that you need to know!

5 Importance of a Map in Free Fire

To get to know enemy movement

The map in Free Fire can be useful for you to identify the enemy location. In close range, there are some indicators on the minimap that shows the enemy presence near you. Things like footsteps, approaching vehicle, and firing sound will appear as an indicator on your map. So pay attention to the map to get to know your enemy’s location. The least thing that you can do is to speculate where the enemy is, by gathering information from the map.

Map in Free Fire is useful for setting up strategy

Strategy can be one of the most important thing to have in Free Fire squad mode. Playing with your squad without a strategy, is practically a suicide mission for every match that you are playing. Which is why, strategies are really important to have, because it can determine your survivability in the game. Using the map can be useful for your team to plan a rotation, or planning to move to another area.

Looking at the zone movement

The zone in this game, is going to keep moving overtime and it will gradually get smaller as you play longer in the game. The only way to pay attention to the zone movement is by checking out the map in the match. If you’re not paying attention to the map, you will be surprised to find yourself outside the play zone with no time to run left for you. So try to keep paying attention to the zone movement, so you can position yourself in a strategic place earlier than your enemies will be.

Identify the blue and red zone

In Free Fire there is a blue zone and a red zone in every match. The blue zone is an area with high tier items for you to loot. However, the red zone is a dangerous zone that can kill you if you’re in the red zone. So keep looing at the map in case these two zones appear in the game.

Planning an escape route

The last importance of the map is to help you find the best escape route. If the enemy flanks you and there’s nowhere to run, you can try fleeing by setting up a route in the map. This way, you will have a plan to escape from the enemy in case things go wrong in the battle.

And that’s some of the importance of a map in Free Fire that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on instagram for more tips to come!