5 Skin Titan Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends for this game certainly has lots of interesting things that you can try to find out. For example, in this discussion you can find out about 5 Titan Mobile Legends (ML) Skins. With this you can find out.

Especially for those of you who often play the Mobile Legends game, of course you know that this game always presents various kinds of exciting updates for you to try and find out about and it’s definitely cool to be able to play later.

You can also see several skins that keep appearing in the game, of course players are also curious to know what they look like and how to get them.

For those of you who want to know more detailed information, you can also see it in the article, but before that you can find out about Squad Names in Mobile Legends . Of course, you can use some of these options in the game.

In this article we will provide an explanation of several titan skins in the MLBB game. You can try to find out all about this, what it will be like later.

5 Skin Titan Mobile Legends (ML)

Attack on Titan in the Mobile Legends game can be said to be very interesting for you to try using in the game, especially looking at its appearance which is of course very similar to the anime series, here are some of the skins:

Fanny “Mikasa”

The hero Fanny can indeed be described as looking very similar to the character from the anime Attack on Titan, this is due to the use of her skills using ropes, related to the collaboration with this anime, the hero Fanny gets a skin for the character Mikasa this time which is certainly suitable for you to see.

Yin “Eren”

Then there is also the hero Yin where you get a skin for the character, namely Eren, where in the Attack on Titan anime itself Eren can turn into a Titan and this time it is applied to the hero Yin who will turn into a titan in his ultimate which is definitely very cool for the effects you can get. Look.

Tuesday “Levi”

There is also the hero Martis this time who gets the Attack on Titan skin for the character, namely Levi, where this character is described as being skilled at playing with a sword and this is also applied by the hero Martis who can carry two swords and is of course quite skilled.

Body “Titan Armor”

Apart from that, there are also skins that might be inspired to be applied, namely for the Badang hero with Titan Armor, where if you look at the appearance, the Badang hero is suitable to be applied, especially with the hero also having the same empty hands as the Titan Armor.

Helcurt “Jaw Titan”

Next, there is another skin that could be taken as a reference to be used as the Attack on Titan skin in the Mobile Legends game, namely for the hero Helcurt who took reference from the Jaw Titan, this is because the two of them have similarities such as crawling and also using skills, namely their claws.

For some of these skins, this time you players of the MLBB game will definitely know about the Titan skins in the game. Of course, this is interesting for you to try to find out.

That’s a brief explanation of some of the Titan skins in the MLBB game this time. Of course, with this you can find out and what do you think is the explanation?