5 Ways To Get Home Avatar Borders In Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends has released lots of new updates so you can try playing right away. By understanding how to get the Border Avatar for the Journey Home in Mobile Legends (ML), players will understand this. So you can immediately have a nice Journey Home Avatar Border for us to look at.

Then take part in various events that are currently available, players can take part in each challenge. Only then will they also receive various types of special and new gifts, so that we can immediately make good use of all of this.

Then there are still several Mobile Legends Season Skin Sequences that are available now, making us even more curious about playing. So in this way, the players will feel lucky by taking advantage of this, because they use the Season Skin as a special prize.

Getting the Mobile Legends (ML) Journey Home Avatar Border itself is very easy, you will soon find out about this. So this will be an opportunity for players to be able to collect in a short season to get these prizes.

How to Get Home Avatar Borders in Mobile Legends (ML)

  1. Login Game Mobile Legends

    You must first log in to the Mobile Legends Game right now, so you can get the Border Avatar on the way home. Follow every step of the mission that is available, so you can receive the prize more easily.

  2. Select Progress Ranked Mode

    Then, when you have entered the Lobby Menu, select the Ranked section now to see the Progress in Ranked Mode that you are doing. So later from here it will be clear that there is a match that we need to go through first.

  3. Reach 200 Matches

    Then you need to do 200 matches in Ranked Mode, so that you can immediately use this prize now. You have to reach 1 Win first, so that later you can play it easily.

  4. Mabar is Better

    Players can do Mabar, if they want to get good results and of course this will help you play properly. Our battles will get better with Mabar providing existing games.

  5. Prizes enter your account

    If you have done it correctly, this prize will immediately enter your Account and Avatar Border. So we can just use the Return Journey Avatar Border, it will be easy for players to use right now.

Some of the prizes, which are Homeward Journey Avatar Borders like this, will become limited items that will appear in the Mobile Legends game soon. Of course, by using the Border Avatar with the Journey Home theme like this, you can immediately use it easily.

This also follows the Mobile Legends Rank Levels which we can find out first so that later it won’t be too difficult, we can use it very easily. Because this will make us even more enthusiastic about using it right now. This means that players will also get new things.

Then there is also a way to get the avatar border for the journey home in Mobile Legends (ML), players can use it immediately. Players will soon use things like this to make it even more exciting for you to take advantage of now.

Then there are still some of the Best Border Avatars in Mobile Legends , suitable for you to collect in the game so that they look cool when you use them. Of course, players will be able to collect this immediately now because they know what has appeared.