6 Annoying Things in Clash Squad Free Fire (FF)

Clash squad is where you play in a deathmatch-like type of play. Here we have 6 annoying things in clash squad Free Fire that you need to know.


Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game. This game is quite popular in Indonesia and has a lot of players worldwide. There are many weapons that you can use in the game, and every weapons and characters combination will have different results regarding the playing style of the player. In Free Fire, you will also have some upgrades like character skills and pet skills. There is also the best weapon combination that you can use with the right character. Without the right weapon and the right character, it will be harder for you to win. Clash squad is where you play in a deathmatch-like type of play. Here we have 6 annoying things in clash squad Free Fire that you need to know.

We also have a tips to solve the clash squad’s loading issue in case you have one.

6 Annoying Things in Clash Squad Free Fire (FF)

Buying the Wrong the Weapon

This can be really annoying, because as you gather your points, but instead you buy the wrong weapon. It will be worse if you’ve never use that particular weapon, so it will be harder for you to kill an enemy to win.

This is the same as wasting your points that you hardly earned, by using a practically useless weapon. Every players must have this experience at least once.

Putting a Gloo Wall in the Wrong Place

If you play in this mode, using a gloo wall is a really important thing to do. However, you need to think carefully on where to put the gloo wall for your defense.  Even though you know where to put the gloo wall, you must have put the gloo wall in the wrong place, at least once.

Even for the future, Garena will limit the usage of the gloo wall. It is said that there will be limit for grenades and gloo wall that you can use in clash squad later on.

AFK Team Member

If one of the team member is AFK, it can really be one of the annoying things in clash squad. It’s because later on he/she can be an easy target for the enemy, and making your team even harder to win. Fortunately, in the future, any AFK players will be controlled with a bot. Hopefully it will be a good solution for the team in case there’s someone AFK.

Terrible Connection

Another annoying things you can find is that as you play in clash squad, but your connection gets worse in game. It will make you harder to move around and shoot at your enemy. And it can also make yourself easier for the enemy to kill you. There is even some cases where if a player has a terrible connection, and he died after he regain connection in clash squad.

Noob Team Member

It will be nice if you play alongside a pro in clash squad. However, there are possibilities that you will be matched with someone noob. This will make your game harder, even you can feel like you’re fighting the enemy by yourself.

Team Member Exits the Game

This is not so different from AFK, but it’s slightly worse than it. If there’s a team member that exits the game, the member cannot be replaced and your team will be down to one man. It will surely be disadvantageous for you and your team in clash squad mode.

Clash squad can be a good stress relieve for those of you that has played in ranked mode. However, these annoying things are still there in that mode so be aware. Good luck and don’t forget to follow esportsku!