6 Free Fire (FF) Pets That Players Must Have!

There are many features available in Free Fire. And one of them is pets. Here we have some Free Fire pets that players must have now.


Up to this moment, there are plenty amount of games available in android, and it gives us plenty of option on what to play in android. New updates in those games will surely increases the popularity of those games. If you want to play one of those awesome games, you can try downloading Free Fire. There are many features available in Free Fire. And one of them is pets. Here we have some Free Fire pets that players must have now.

6 Free Fire (FF) Pets That Players Must Have

This pets can later help you in the game with different helpful skills.


This pet is the most recent pet that has just been released. As a new pet, Poring is quite meta in a match. It’s because Poring is one of the rare and limited pet in Free Fire. Poring’s skill is that it is able to fix your damaged vest for a couple of seconds.

So Poring is one of the most recommended pet in Free Fire, and you can check out the best Poring combination now to make this character even stronger.


This pet is Kapella’s pet, and it also has a unique skill. This pet is able to increase EP as you heal yourself. EP itself is a substitution from med kit, where if you lost many HP, the EP will replace the lost HP.

Ottero is a pet that can only support 1 character, and it’s skill is advantageous for you. Where if you heal yourself, the EP will also replace your HP.

Night Panther

The ability of this pet is really useful, as it can increase your backpack capacity. As we know it, in battle royale, looting is a must. And your backpack capacity can be full if you fill it with too much item.

Using this pet’s skill can help you fill more items in your backpack, so this pet can be really useful for you.

Spirit Fox

If you play as a rusher, you will need more HP than others. And as a result, you will need more med kit in order to survive. You don’t have to worry about it, because you can use spirit fox in Free Fire. This pet’s ability is to increase your HP gradually.

Spirit fox can increase your HP all the way until your HP is full and you don’t really need to use a med kit all the time. But don’t forget to bring a med kit anyway, just in case.


This pet is the best support for your defense mechanism, because Robo has a unique skill. It’s skill can spawn a shield and extra HP on a gloo wall, so your defense will be impenetrable.

Even though you’re using this pet, you still need to be careful. Make sure that you know how to properly use a gloo wall.


The last pet is Shiba, which is a little cute dog pet in Free Fire. It’s skill is that it can help you find mushroom in the area. This character is suitable for Maxim to use.

And that’s some information that we can give you on the Free Fire pets that players must have. Good luck and don’t forget to follow esportsku!