7 Reasons Why Your Account is Banned in Free Fire (FF)

Here we have some reasons why your account is banned in Free Fire. Try not to do these things so that your account will remain safe.


There are plenty amount of games available in android, and it gives us plenty of option on what to play in android. New updates in those games will surely increases the popularity of those games. If you want to play one of those awesome games, you can try downloading Free Fire. There are many features available in Free Fire. Here we have some reasons why your account is banned in Free Fire.

7 Reasons Why Your Account is Banned

Making Things Hard for Teammate

Garena can ban your account if you play extremely terrible in your team. If you’re doing something forbidden in the game, your account can be banned for a couple of days, ranging from one to three days.

Profanities in Voice Chat

If you’re saying something inappropriate in the voice chat feature, your account can be banned for one month. Garena have the authority to ban your account if you’re saying something terrible, to the point that your words is disrupting your teammate. Profanities can be a toxic thing to do so try not to do that.


There is no toleration for cheaters in Free Fire. Cheat is something that can be disadvantageous for the rest of the players in a match. Cheat is coming from a third party app or a script. If you find a cheater in Free Fire, don’t hesitate to report the cheater. If a cheater is reported to Garena, they will permanently ban the cheater from the game.


If you play with you squad and suddenly you’re AFK, there is a risk of your account will be banned for one hour or it can be the whole day. So try not to AFK while you play with your squad.

Working Together With a Cheater

If you think that playing along with a cheater will not be banned, then you’re thinking wrong. Even though the ban is not permanent, playing with a cheater can cause you to have one month account ban. It’s because if you play with a cheater alongside you, you can still have the advantage from the cheat that your teammate uses.

Being Racist in Global Chat

If you’re in the main menu, there is a global chat feature that you can use to talk or broadcast a message globally. In the chat room, the server of the certain country will allow you to chat together with every player in the server. If you’re being racist, your account will definitely be banned for up to a week to a month.

Using GFX Tool

GFX Tool is one of the third party app where it can manipulate your phone so that you can play Free Fire with an enhanced graphics to increase your FPS. Unfortunately, this app is detected as a cheat by Garena, even though there is no cheat involvement in using this app. Using GFX Tool can ban your account for one month, or permanently.

And that is some of the reasons why your account is banned in Free Fire. Good luck and don’t forget to follow esportsku!