8 Strongest CC Marksman in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends offers many things that are increasingly interesting with the various features available in it. For example, this time there is an explanation of the 8 Strongest CC Marksman in Mobile Legends (ML). Later you will be able to find out what the explanation is like.

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Not only are there many diverse features in the game, but there are also a variety of hero choices. Each hero in the game is interesting for players to explore and try in various ways.

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In the discussion in this article, we will explain the list of the Strongest CC Marksman in the MLBB game. Indeed, with this, you players can also find out about some of the heroes.

For a more detailed explanation, you can see it in the article below so you can understand it better. You can also find out this information this time for several heroes available in the game and you can try using them.

8 Strongest CC Marksman in Mobile Legends (ML)

Marksman is indeed one of the roles that has the greatest damage but is also very vulnerable. It is very rare for this role to have a CC or Crowd Control effect to lock opponents, but here are several heroes who have this effect:


There is Moskov who is one of the natural counter heroes for assassins with high mobility in the MLBB game. This is because this hero can provide a long stun and knockback effect on his 2nd skill.

The stun will also last longer if it hits a wall or hits another enemy hero. With this attack, Moskov can easily finish off his opponent.

Popol & Kupa

Next there are Popol and Kupa, where these heroes can also be said to have quite a lot of CC effects in the MLBB game. It’s not surprising that this hero was also used as support.

The CC effects themselves are quite varied, starting from the Stun, Immobilize and also knockback effects. So with this combo, this marksman hero can finish off his opponent quite quickly.


Then there is another one for the hero Brody this time who has a quite deadly CC effect. This can be seen from the use of skill 2 which can hit the opponent’s hero and stun him.

This skill also makes Brody’s hero quite deadly as a Marksman hero in the Land of Dawn. It’s not surprising that this hero is also one of the strongest MM heroes


Next there is the hero Hanabi where the hero who can anti CC also has a good CC effect from his ultimate. If an opponent is hit by this skill, they will be affected by the Immobilize effect.

With this skill, Hanabi is strong enough to be able to fight quite a lot of heroes because the effect is also in the form of an area when used.


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One of the MM burst heroes, namely Clint, also has a quite terrible Crowd Control effect. This can be seen from the use of  his second skill which can bind his enemy.

If hit by this skill, it will be quite easy for Clint to perform a combo to finish off his opponent. Especially with this hero being brought into the late game


For heroes who use sniper weapons, namely Lesley, this also has a pretty good CC effect. Where this effect occurs in skill 2 which he has which can have a knockback effect.

With this skill, Lesley can provide distance to approaching enemies and can immediately finish them off or can also run away.


The same goes for the Marksman hero who has mage damage output this time, namely Natan. Where one of the heroes who relies heavily on attack speed has a CC effect on skill 2.

Where the hero’s second skill will have a knockback effect on his opponent and this is also included in the hero’s combo to finish off his opponent.


Finally, there is also the MM hero who has a Crowd Control effect that is strong enough to be exploited, namely the hero Melissa. Where this happens from the ultimate skill he has.

Apart from being a defense mechanism, this skill can also provide a knockback effect on the opponent. If it hits a wall, the opponent’s hero cannot move with this skill.

Of course, the players of the MLBB game this time can find out what kind of information the MM hero with the strongest CC has. Maybe you can use one of them later in the land of dawn.

That is an explanation of several Marksman who have the strongest CC in the MLBB game this time. Of course, with this you can find out this time and do you think the explanation in this article is interesting?