Among Us Blocked By Kominfo, Is It Right?


The Among Us game is blocked by Kominfo, is it true or not? The Among Us game, which has recently become popular again, is certainly interesting to play. This game used to be very popular on PC, but after many streamers played it again this game started exploding for the second time.

Games that are based like werewolf or mafia games are considered more interactive. You don’t just sit around accusing each other. In Among Us the game is taken to be more active with missions and tasks. Of course, this game is very busy being played by many people.

This game that is full of intrigue and is also very exciting, certainly brings a lot of interesting stories, especially when playing with friends. This game is indeed more fun to play with your friends because the communication will be smoother. Besides that, playing with friends accusing each other is even more exciting.

Here, let’s discuss the game Among Us is blocked by Kominfo. It’s interesting to discuss because apparently there are some people who believe in this.

Among Us Game Blocked by Kominfo?

This one game does look quite simple. With easy-to-see graphics as well as simple basic mechanics, this game for many players when they get bored. If you pay attention to simple games like Among Us and Fall Guys lately, it is booming everywhere. You can also change the name among us as you wish.

But apparently there is an issue that the Among Us Game will be blocked by Kominfo. It’s strange if it sounds harsh because without news this game will be blocked. Even though there’s no negative effects from this game.

But there are many people who believe in this. Of course on the internet we cannot just believe it. Being skeptical about something is very important considering that there are many fake news or hoaxes circulating. Therefore, the news which is quite popular is certainly interesting to discuss.

Joke From Twitter

At first this news was indeed a joke that was scattered everywhere. Attached an image that looks like news that Kominfo blocked Among Us, if you notice this is indeed a joke. Starting from the release date of the article, author, title, and more it is clear that this is just a joke.

provided by the author in the tweet do not indicate the validity of the existing trusted media.

Of course this news is untrue. It’s just a joke that is taken seriously by many people and ends up just being carried away. Maybe they read it too seriously and believe in hoaxes like this.

So, players don’t have to worry about the news that there is by saying this game will be blocked. The flow of this game must be considered, but the news will be blocked incorrectly.


That is information about Game Among Us being blocked by Kominfo which is a hoax and is trusted by many people. This is just a joke and don’t take it seriously. Always read carefully and don’t believe it easily.

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