10 Best Swipe Heroes In Mobile Legends (ML)!

Mobile Legends has released lots of the latest updates, so many for you to try. It turns out that now we are going to see the Best Mobile Legends (ML) Swipe Heroes, you can try all of these properly and correctly because of that. Not only that, because the Swipe Hero itself has excellent abilities in battle.

There are certainly a lot of updates that are already available, making us even more curious about playing them. Providing a very exciting game for the player, it will definitely be even more exciting to try and play the game.

Especially to recognize what is a Swipe Hero in Mobile Legends , it turns out that they are the ones who can issue Attack or Escape Skills that Penetrate the enemy. So that those of us who face them later will not be disturbed by the opponent’s body that is blocking it.

Then the presence of the Best Mobile Legends (ML) Swipe Hero, you can also take advantage of all of this right now. The ability to use Swipe Hero in the game is quite good and very cool, making us even more excited to play it.

The Best Swipe Hero Mobile Legends (ML)


If you say Swipe Hero, then Fanny will be the first choice, because that is indeed her ability. Fanny must rely on Skill 2 towards the enemy, if it passes them then it can provide a Skill 1 attack automatically past the enemy.

If you are really good at using Fanny, then this Swipe Hero will be very deadly. Because Fanny’s ability itself is helped by this, this will make it easy for you to reduce the enemy’s HP now.

The Best Mobile Legends Swipe Hero is Saber

This Saber’s ability is only to Dash and penetrate Enemies, The friction from this attack is indeed small. But if you do it right, it can weaken the enemy’s Defense with a very big effect.

Because Saber’s lacking Defense can make the opponent weak, and will be affected by the deadly Ultimate Skill. Making it will provide an additional attack that is much stronger when facing this enemy.


When Bruno does a Swipe attack using Skill 2 on the Enemy, this can stun them. This attack changed Tackle from Bruno’s feet, like a soccer player who wants to take the ball from the enemy.

So with Bruno’s attack like this, it’s really quite strong, making it easier for us to stop the opponent’s movement. Not only that, Bruno will stun many targets if he is in his Skill Area.


This Clint hero will provide a very strong attack, so that we can easily face his opponent later. Because this Swipe Skill is indeed his Attack, so there are several bullet shots that will make you hit a lot of targets.

So with Clint, the Bullet Friction attack will have a great effect when we compete. Making it easier for us to face the enemy, even this attack will also be related to Crit Rate.

The Best Mobile Legends Swipe Hero is Joy

Joy will do a Swipe attack as an Agile Hero, of course that way we can give high damage. If the Beat from the Skill is good and profitable like this, it will definitely be very useful for us to use later.

The more you use the skill correctly, so that we can also see that using Joy becomes cooler. Because this way Joy will look like that and it’s also very good for us to be able to use it right away.


Gatotkaca’s ability is indeed very annoying, that’s why this Hero has a good Swipe Skill. Of course that way Gatotkaca will penetrate the Enemy, and give the Enemy a Taunt Effect to disrupt their movements.

Mangkanya with this ability will be even better, so you can really use it well. Not only that, because Gatotkaca itself will become something strong and also deadly when you use it later.


Of course Lapu-Lapu when talking about Deadly Friction is very Strong, because Skills 1 and 2 will make the opponent weak. That’s why Lapu-Lapu’s ability is very good, making it easier for us to face the enemy later.

Because indeed Lapu-Lapu itself will have a very strong attack, because we can take advantage of that. Especially with things like this, they will become stronger with something that we can use later.

The best Swipe Hero in Mobile Legends is Valentina

Valentina’s ability to penetrate Enemies with Swipe Skills is like that now. Having a few things that we can know now, it will be something big with the effect of the attack.

Moreover, this will also make the opponent even more disturbed, so you won’t be confused by all of this. Because indeed with this Swipe Hero, there will be something that is already present now for this so that Valentina runs away.

But mostly, Valentina’s players will often choose to avoid fighting using this skill. Or when you do use the attack directly with something strong for the additional attack you will receive.


This Frictional Attack from Lancelot is also very agile, moreover Skill 1 will also create a strong Blink. So that later we will continue to do Spam, because it takes advantage of the abilities of the Hero Lancelot very well.

That’s why by using Lancelot, the friction of each attack itself will become stronger. So you won’t have any trouble facing enemies who have CC even if it’s very easy.


Then Harith for the Swipe attack is really cool and strong, making Skill 2 Harith’s own hero really strong. Surely this way we will also have something like that, it will definitely become something of great influence.

So that you do that, so that you can immediately take advantage of all of these things properly. Because indeed for Harith’s Attack doing Blink or Dash will be easy and very comfortable in certain positions.

But stay alert, because Swipe Heroes like Harith himself can get stronger. Of course, this will really make sure you don’t miss something like this with something strong.

The emergence of the Best Mobile Legends (ML) Swipe Hero, you can immediately try and cross the enemies by dealing strong Damage. Because with this ability, the players will move quite agile in avoiding the enemy’s attacks well.

Especially for several types of Mobile Legends CC Effects , this is something you have to watch out for because it’s classified as something dangerous. The Swipe Hero’s ability can be stopped for a few moments because of this effect, making us have to be even more vigilant.