5 Heroes for Minsitthar Combo Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku provides recommendations for the best Minsitthar combo heroes in Mobile Legends.

Minsitthar is one of the heroes that needs to be anticipated in the Mobile Legends game. His ability to counter agile heroes, this is the best Minsitthar combo hero in Mobile Legends. Esportsku provides recommendations for the best Minsitthar combo heroes in Mobile Legends.

This hero is fairly difficult to play, his own ability is quite similar to that of Franco’s hero, which is that he can hook his opponent. In addition, he is also said to be a Zilong brother with the same characteristics.

Minsitthar will be very good to play as a counter to agile heroes like Ling, Fanny, to Gusion, now for you fighter users, here are the best Minsitthar combo heroes in Mobile Legends.


First, Minsitthar’s combo hero is Tigreal, which is one of the best tank heroes that can provide high CC in a gameplay.

Tigreal can collect and push opponents to a point, which will make it easier for Minsitthar to use his ultimate.

When Minsitthar’s ultimate takes place, Tigreal will push the opponent towards the ultimate until he can’t move, the opponent will lose quickly.


Next is Atlas, one of the best tank heroes, Minsitthar can be combined with Atlas in a match in Mobile Legends.

Hero Atlas can gather opponents by using his ultimate ability. With the opponents gathered, then Minsitthar’s attack will overwhelm the opponent with a crush.

Opponents will find it difficult to dodge, with a very fast attack that will provide the deadliest combo attack in Mobile Legends.


Next is Johnson, who is one of the best tanker heroes, this hero can easily combo with Minsitthar.

Johnson’s ability to transform makes it easier for him to initiate. You can invite the Minsitthar hero to get into the car.

Then target the opponent’s hero and hit the hero, after that, Minsitthar activates the ultimate which gives an area attack that will be very difficult to make the enemy run away.


Is one of the mage heroes who is very powerful in carrying out high attacks, you can also combo this hero with Minsitthar.

Use Eudora’s attack to stop the opponent, with this hero’s CC ability, the opponent will be difficult to move. Then use the Minsitthar skill to attract the opponent and then attack him.


Finally, Aurora is one of the best mage heroes who can provide very strong and area attacks.

Aurora’s attacks can freeze her opponent and make it difficult to move. When the opponent freezes, use the ultimate Minsitthar and then attack him.

So that’s it for the best Minsitthar combo heroes that you can play in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the above review can be useful especially for you Minsitthar users in Mobile Legends. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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