5 Heroes To Counter Zilong Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the latest information about the best Zilong Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use.

Zilong is one of the best jungler heroes that you can play in Mobile Legends. This one hero has excellent skills in counting hero marksman. So do you know the hero counter of Zilong Mobile Legends? On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the latest information about the best Zilong Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use.

Zilong’s ability is the fastest in roaming speed and the damage is quite painful, this is very feared, especially for those who are hero core. Because with one combo hero this one can beat the prey quickly.


First is Chou’s hero who is the best Ziling Mobile Legends hero counter that you can try. Chou’s ability to provide a disable attack on Zilong’s hero makes him very feared.

And by using build damage, Chou is able to easily defeat Zilong’s hero. Zilong will not move in front of Chou who has high crowd control and damage.


Maybe for you, you really wonder why Saber can be the best Zilong hero counter in Mobile Legends, even though, Saber himself is a hero who has low durability?

It is true, but Saber can be a deadly counter for Zilong’s hero, Zilong’s own hero has a very thin cellphone so that Saber’s ultimate ability alone is enough to lock and defeat Zilong.


The next hero counter for Zilong in Mobile Legends is Jawhead, who is a very OP fighter hero in this meta season one. This one hero can be a tank hero, support and even assassin.

Jawhead can chase Zilong with his ultimate skill, then throw Zilong and end it by using his first skill attack which deals considerable damage to his opponent.


Zilong’s next hero counter is Lancelot, which is an assassin hero with excellent immune abilities. This one hero does have a thin HP, but can easily stop Zilong’s attacks.

Thanks to his second immune skill, he can avoid Zilong’s prying attack and then counterattack with his new set of skills. When Zilong runs away, Lancelot can also chase him easily.


It is common knowledge that Hayabusa is the king of offlaner heroes, especially one by one. This one hero has great damage and attacks that are difficult to avoid.

Especially when Zilong attacks, when Hayabusa is dying, he can restore his condition easily and can even kill Zilong right away.

That’s all the hero counters of Zilong Mobile Legends that you must know. Hopefully, the review above can be useful, especially for those of you who are players who are annoyed with this hero. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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