8 Best Buff Thief Heroes in Mobile Legends

Rows of heroes who are very reliable in buff thieves in Mobile Legends. Which of these heroes can you use to trick your opponents and buff thieves to increase your exp and gold in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends is one of the best games that you can play right now, in this MOBA game made by Moonton, there is a row of heroes who are very reliable in opposing buff thieves. So as the best at harass.

Buffs in Mobile Legends have a function to increase damage, cooldown, exp and gold. Which is the buff will increase the level very quickly. Now for those of you who are gamers of Mobile Legends. You must know the rows of heroes who are reliable in stealing buffs in Mobile Legends.

We will discuss a row of heroes who are very reliable in buff thieves in Mobile Legends. Which of these heroes can you use to trick your opponents and buff thieves to increase your exp and gold in Mobile Legends. Then what are these heroes? The following is the review.

The Best Buff Thief Hero in Mobile Legends


The first hero is Ling who is a hero who has unique abilities in Mobile Legends. Ling’s ability to roam makes him a very active hero in team fight. Ling can surf fun on every wall in Mobile Legends. He is also very easy to steal opponent buffs in Mobile Legends.

By using Retribution. Ling can easily steal last hit on opponent’s jungle, starting from buff, turtle and lord easily. Especially when Ling uses his first skill mode, this one hero is very agile and difficult to catch.


Next there is the fanny hero who is the best favorite assassin hero but is very difficult to play. Fanny’s hero ability to make fast attacks, ganking and even roaming is very easy to do.

Fanny can steal enemy buffs easily in Mobile Legends. Moreover, his main battle spell is retribution, which can be easy for roaming the enemy area to steal the buff secretly and very quickly. If caught, Fanny can also run away very easily.


Next is Hilda, who is currently a meta hero in Mobile Legends. Hilda’s ability to roam is indeed very promising. Hilda can get a shield equal to the effect of regen when it goes into ambush and bushes.

With her fast ability, Hilda can even easily steal enemy buffs, this is also often used by Hilda users to disturb enemy core heroes from farming. Use battle retribution and rush into the opponent’s territory, then use retribution to attack buffs to steal it.


Next there is the Balmond hero who is a fighter hero who is often used as the best offlaner in Mobile Legends. His ability can hit hard with an ax and can give the opponent a last hit.

Balmond can use his ultimate to steal your opponent’s buff easily, when the HP buff is below 20 percent, you can steal it easily. Not only in the buff. This ability can also be used on opponents, turtles and even lords.


Next is the Diggie hero who has excellent buff thief abilities. Diggie can use retribution and use the meta feeder. Diggie himself can interfere with farming opponents very easily. Especially with his annoying crowd control abilities, Diggie is able to block the opponent’s hyper carry very well.

Use retribution when you use the Diggie meta feeder in Mobile Legends, then with this meta you can easily disturb your opponent, especially with the retribution he has.


Next there is the hero Natalia, who is an assassin hero who has excellent innocent abilities. Natalia herself is a very popular meta hero who gets banned in Mobile Legends. Her ability is very troublesome to make Natalia widely played.

By using retribution, Natalia can easily steal enemy buffs in Mobile Legends. You can hide by going into the bush, and use retribution to last hit the opponent’s buff in Mobile Legends. Those of you who have been exposed to this strategy must be annoyed by it.

Yi Sun Shin

Next there is the Yi Sun Shin hero who is a meta marksman hero in Mobile Legends. His excellent ability to open maps and damage after the revamp makes Yi Sun Shin a meta hyper carry hero in Mobile Legends.

Yi Sun Shin can easily steal the buff with his ultimate ability, if the opponent is not aware of Yi Sun Shin’s attack and is doing farming, the buff will be stolen easily with Yi Sun Shin’s ultimate attack. And of course you have also felt the buff stolen by the ability of this one hero.


Finally, there is the hero Hanzo who is very fast in the opponent’s buff thief in Mobile Legends. Sure enough, Hanzo is a specialist hero who can steal opponent buffs very easily. With his passive ability, after doing 5 basic attacks, he can bring up a monster that can swallow the buff instantly.

With this ability, Hanzo can buff the opponent’s thief very quickly. And even when the opposing team used Hanzo, many teammates were on guard to have Hanzo steal his buff.

So, that’s a row of heroes that can easily be used for enemy buff thieves in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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