8 Item Of Wild Rift Combination Available!

The definition of hurt is a bit confusing because everyone will return to your champion. But the item combination here is often used by many people.

For those of you, new Wild Rift players might be confused by the large selection of items. This item is very important to increase the effectiveness of your champion. There is even a combination of the most painful Wild Rift items that you can use depending on your future champion role.

The definition of pain is somewhat ambiguous because everyone will return to your champion. But the item combination here is often used by many people to increase their damage. We will give both AP and AD here for the excellence of your champion.

For those who are curious, see below which you can use directly. Try tweaking your champion build items to get the best. The combinations that are here can become your favorites later:


  • Phantom Dancer + Infinity Edge
  • Youmuu’s Ghostbale + Duskdblade of Drakhtarr
  • Trinity Force + Mortal Reminder
  • Black Cleaver + Youmuu’s Ghostblade
  • Muramana + Duskblade of Drakhtarr
  • Luden’s Echo + Rabadon’s Cape
  • Rylai’s Crystal Scepter + Liandry’s Torment
  • Hexterch Gunblade + Lich Bane

Quite a few, but this combination is quite popular with some champions. You can even join it even further to increase the strength of your champion.  Esports so summarize that it is easier for you to read.

So for those of you who are looking for the best combination for your build items, you can try some of these item combos. Very strong and terrible when used in the correct champion.


Phantom dancer + infinity edge

The main thing of this combo is the crit of the two items. Phantom Dancer gives ASPD and crit chance while Infinity Edge gives both crit damage and crit chance. Actually, you can replace Phantom Dancer with Statik Shiv because it has the same stats, but the shield effect from Phantom Dancer is very useful.

Almost any AD champion can use this combo, but it is generally bought by your assassin and ADC range thanks to a more consistent damage output.


Youmuu’s ghostblade + duskdblade of drakhtarr

Surely you already know which champion uses this mandatory item combination. Yes, Zed definitely uses these two items thanks to the unreasonably high damage output. These two items are very synergized to give bonus damage. Not only Zed because Miss Fortune and Varus can use this item.

If used by ADCs like Miss Fortune and Varus, they usually use a Lethal build where poke and burst will be the source of their damage. Easily countered by armor.


Trinity force + mortal reminder

These two items are often used by several champions who require consistent damage. But it’s just inconsistent because the Trinity Forces effect is terrible for some on-hit champions like Ezreal and even Varus! The bonus damage through armor cannot be underestimated.

Unfortunately, not many champions can buy this except Ezreal, which is mandatory if he is snowballing in the early game. This high damage requires the use of active skills continuously.


Black cleaver + youmuu’s ghostblade

The combination of these two items is actually very strong. Black Cleaver is a good item, providing sustain and damage for each opponent’s damage. Very strong with Youmuu thanks to additional ASPD and terrible damage when used at the right time.

Usually bought by Zed who requires additional sustain and damage. Sometimes it is also bought by Garen who uses build damage and several other champions like Olaf and Jarvan.


Muramana + duskblade of drakhtarr

Muramana is a very strong item, but is sadly very underrated. Even though this item is very important for ADCs which are often lacking in mana. Must buy Kai’sa and Ezreal, this item can also be purchased by Jinx, Miss Fortune, and Varus. Very high damage when becoming Manamune is very strong combined with Drakhtarr.

This item combo is usually part of the lethal build. Very strong for Miss Fortune and Varus, their damage can be high one shot weak opponent champion!


Luden’s echo + rabadon’s cape

Luden’s and Rabadon’s is a classic combo from LoL. This item is very terrible thanks to the very high AP damage thanks to the stat and also the Rabadon effect. Usually if you buy Luden’s you will have to buy Rabadon thanks to the very high damage up of the AP percentage.

It is a must buy for AP champions who are eyeing high damage. Lux, Ziggs, Ahri, and several other champions are required with this AP item combo.


Ryalai’s crystal scepter + liandry’s torment

You will find this item combination quite rarely, maybe only a few champions. This combination is really terrible because besides making your champion thicker thanks to his stats, the slow effect of Rylai stack with Liandry damage.

Often purchased by AP front liner champions like Singed and Aurelion Sol. Sometimes it is also bought by Seraphine. If you want to become an AP champion with sustained damage, you can buy this combo.


Hextech gunblade + lich bane

Hextech and Lich Bane is a terrible combo. How not, Hextech, which provides a hybrid lifesteal, also gives bonus damage to your skills, very suitable for champion spammers. Lich bane also makes your AA stronger every time you use a skill.

Usually purchased AP assassins or AP bursts that require bonus damage. Champions like Akali and Evelynn can use a combination of the items here. It could be that their damage is very high.


You can use one of the sickest Wild Rift item combinations that are here for your build items. As long as it is right for your champion, you will feel the power spike.


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