Baxia Mobile Legends Hero Skills and Tips

Baxia is a Tank hero who has a fairly high level of Mobility and enormous continuous damage.

The presence of the new hero Baxia in the Mobile Legends game has finally added a row of Hero Tank roles where each of these roles practically requires more heroes with unique abilities. There are Baxia Mobile Legends Hero Skills and Tips that will be provided by us.

Baxia is a Tank hero who has a fairly high level of Mobility and enormous continuous damage. This new hero also has specialists, namely Initiator and Crowd Control, where in skill 1 this Baxia hero will be able to give a Stun and knockback effect to opponents affected by this skill.

If you look back, this Baxia hero is able to become a very good Initiator because he has 2 Shields in his hands and has the use of skills that require Shields.

Skill Hero Baxia Mobile Legends

As we know in his Skill 2, which can throw the Shield forward and hit the opposing hero. If this skill hits an opponent, then the cooldown of this skill will be shortened and can be used again, with the note that it only applies to opponents who have been hit by this skill for the first time.

In fact, from the strength of his Shield, Baxia can deal considerable Magic Damage to heroes who have been marked with an Emote Love or a picture of a broken heart.

Baxia has a nickname as the Black Tortoise, this is found in his Skill 1 which can turn into an iron circle and can give a Crowd Control effect and its shape is similar to a running top. The iron circle is a combination of the shield that he uses to attack as well.

Apart from that, Baxia is able to become a tank hero who can not only be an Initiator hero, but he is also able to deal considerable damage to help the team in War.

Baxia Mobile Legends Hero Skills and Tips

Skill 1.

Baxia will turn into a Top, if you press skill 1 for the second time or so, then this will make Baxia’s hero able to jump and pass through walls and so on.

The thing that adds to this hero is quite interesting, when you hit an enemy, you will give a stun effect for 1 second to the enemy affected by this skill.

If you look at it, his skill 1 is almost like Johnson but not for speed. You must know Baxia Mobile Legends’ Hero Skills and Tips for using this skill 1

Skill 2.

Baxia will throw a shield which you will have to aim first and then throw it on target. If your first throw is successful, then the Cooldown of this skill will be shorter and can become a Spam skill.

Keep in mind again, that this cooldown reset only applies if it hits the same enemy hero.

Skill 3.

This is Baxia Mobile Legends Hero Skill and Ultimate Tips from Baxia. Where later he will leave a Lava Trail from his shield to the ground for 14 seconds. If the enemy steps on the Lava, it will receive damage.

This attack will give Baxia an ability to make it easier for him to channel this Passive Skill. So those of us who use Baxia will also find it easier to reduce the opponent’s life steal very well because the Ultimate is used correctly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Baxia.

If you look at all the skills possessed by this hero, it doesn’t look quite special. However, this hero cannot be taken for granted, because he has Passive skills which are very troublesome.

Where he can reduce the health regen of all heroes who are given damage. So this hero is a natural enemy of lifestealer heroes like Alucard, Ruby and of course Uranus. So that players no longer need to buy items such as Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance which take up 1 item slot.

Those are some of the skills of Hero Baxia Mobile Legends and tips. If you use it more optimally, then this hero can compete with Valir, the controller of fire, which is quite a hassle.

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