Cheats Among Us That Exist And Can Be Used

among us is a popular game lately. You can be either a crewmate or an imposter. While the imposter kills his crewmate without their knowing.

The Among Us game has become very popular with many YouTubers playing it. In addition, this game is really fun to play, and requires a strategy to win the game. This game is also uncompetitive, so you don’t have to play hard to get rewards or the like, because among us is not such a thing. That way, this game is an F2P game that is fun to play. Here we will discuss about games that are currently popularly being played by Among Us and many people used cheat that they can exits and used in among us.

Among Us is a game that has become popular recently. You can be a Crewmate or Impostor. The crewmate’s job is to finish the given Tank to win, while the Impostor kills the Crewmate without their knowing. The existence of an Impostor will be difficult to know, therefore you must be able to find evidence and communicate with your friends about who is the Impostor. If you kill the Impostor, Crewmate wins the game.

Here we will discuss more about Cheats Among Us Who Exist and Can Be Used. Even though this game is not competitive and you don’t get anything from winning this game, this game has a cheat that can help you play Among Us by cheating.


The following are the types of cheats that you can use to play Among Us. Some of the cheats actually make the game unpleasant, and make the game bored quickly.

Costume Unlock

Some of the costumes in Among Us can be purchased using Real Money. You could say it’s a donation to the game maker. However, some cheats can immediately open this skin without having to pay for it. Actually, this doesn’t interfere with the game, but it still violates the rules for using third-party applications.

View Impostor

There is also a cheat that allows you to see who the impostor is, even though you are a Crewmate. Well, this cheat is what makes the game disturbed. You can see the impostor who is disguised as a crewmate. However, even though you can see an impostor disguised as a crewmate, you must be able to make your friends believe to kill the impostor.


you don’t need to use an account to play Among Us. Besides that, this game is also not competitive which means, you don’t get anything when you win this game or lose this game. However, this application that you will install is dangerous for you.

The application that you are going to install on this one is unofficial, and very dangerous. You may get a virus when you install this game, which can damage your handphone. Therefore, you must be careful when downloading or installing applications.

That is the cheat among us that exists and can be used. It’s better if you play not using cheats. This cheat can not only interfere with the gameplay, but can also damage the device you are using.

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