Commander Zilong Magic Chess Mobile Legends (ML), Skill & Combo!

In the  Mobile Legends game itself, players will definitely find various exciting things in the game. For example, below there is a discussion of Commander Zilong Magic Chess Mobile Legends (  ML ), Skill & Combo! You will find out later what the discussion is like.

If games like Mobile Legends are increasingly popular and continue to be played, this is certainly not surprising. Because as you know, in this game there are lots of interesting content updates to play.

For those of you who want to see a more detailed discussion, you can just look at the article below, but before that maybe you can find out about this discussion regarding the Best Commander in Magic Chess Mobile Legends

So, this time we will discuss the Zilong commander which you can play later in the Magic Chess game MLBB. If you’re curious about what the discussion is like, just take a look this time for the details.

Commander Zilong Magic Chess Mobile Legends (ML)

Commander Zilong himself was present at Magic Chess on April 25 2024. Where the commander is certainly quite interesting to be able to play, of course, for players in the MLBB game.

Indeed, there are several interesting skills possessed by the Zilong commander. Well, below you will be able to find out what the discussion is like in more detail.

Skill Commander Zilong

There is only one Zilong commander skill, namely the Great Dragon Spear, which is an item with the ability to have a 12% chance of two additional attacks. This skill is very suitable for heroes who rely on basic attacks such as Wrestlers, Marksman, and Assassins.

Not only that, this skill can also be upgraded again, where there are at least 8 effects that you can get as follows:

  • Frost Dragon

Gives a random freeze effect to enemy heroes.

  • Flame Dragon

Ideal for heroes who rely on magic power such as mages or elementalists. Adds 125 magic power and summons a flame dragon which gives 400 + 40% magic power to the opponent’s hero.

  • Dragon Revival

Adds 125 magic power and restores 600 HP every time the skill is used on the hero with the lowest HP.

  • Dragon Snare

Very useful for marksman, assassin, and wrestler. Adds 15% Physical attack and 2 attack range.

  • Golden Clutch

Provides a 2.5% chance to get one additional gold every time you perform a basic attack.

  • Great Dragon Guard

Suitable for front line heroes. Creates a shield of 22% of max HP when HP is less than 30%.

  • Dragon Vigilance

Provides 85 Physical and magical defense for 2 seconds after using the skill.

  • Great Dragon Power

Adds 150 attack power and gives 30% faster attacks to heroes every time they use a skill.

Combo Commander Zilong

As for the commander’s own combo, there are some that are quite effective that you can try using as follows:

  • Lancers: Alpha, Silvanna, Minsitthar, Arlott, Zilong (Core), Moskov.
  • Cadia Riverlands: Akai, Yu Zhong, Wanwan, Luo Yi, Zilong (Core), Sun.
  • Prince: Dyrroth, Moskov.

That’s the discussion that you MLBB players need to know about Commander Zilong with its skills and combos. When you play the game you can understand it.

So this time we also discuss what Commander Zilong is like with his skills and combos in Magic Chess MLBB. It is clear from this that of course you can understand and what do you think about the discussion?