Gloo Wall Bug Floats in FF, Makes Players Lose Streaks!

Free Fire has released lots of the latest updates which are cool enough for you to try playing right now. Together with the presence of the Floating Gloo Wall Bug in FF, players will understand this incident. Especially with several new things in the Free Fire game, it makes us even more curious to use it too.

Especially with the presence of several new updates that have appeared now, giving players the opportunity to win this great prize. Brings a lot of good stuff and we can just try it with some of those things.

Then for some of the appearances of the Cool FF Names that have appeared, they can make you even more different when you play later. Because using various names can give good results for you to try to find too.

Then seeing a Floating Gloo Wall Bug in FF, players who experience this in battle feel really at a loss. But it does sound very interesting, because the gloo wall bug has rarely happened before.

Bug Gloo Wall Floating FF

The appearance of the Gloo Wall Bug after the OB40 Free Fire Update Patch occurred, causing the defense item to rise up into the sky. This will happen when you pair Gloo Walls next to each other which will make one of them lift up and will not provide full protection.

Therefore this bug is quite annoying, even many players are not protected at all in battle. But don’t worry because this bug has also disappeared from the game, because Garena has fixed it and now you can enjoy the game without any problems.

After knowing FF’s Floating Wall Gloo Bug, those of you who have seen this and experienced it don’t need to be confused about it. Because we already know the process of overcoming it and it turns out that there won’t be any more, so we just have to play it casually.

Then by trying Tips on Using Gloo Wall Free Fire , so that your protection becomes even more secure when facing strong enemies. Because taking advantage of this feature will also be able to make you last longer in battle later.