How many COA Can Get Skin Zodiac Minotaur Taurus Mobile Legends (ML)?

The updates in the  Mobile Legends game are getting more exciting for you to know. For example, like this one regarding how much COA to get the Zodiac Minotaur Taurus Mobile Legends (  ML ) skin? Regarding this matter, you can understand it more later.

Obviously you players of the Mobile Legends game will certainly find lots of cool new updates to try. You can see from some of the existing content that this is definitely something very cool for you to try to find out this time.

Especially with the skins that are popping up, of course players are also wondering how to get them in the game. Of course, you have to know what the latest information is so that you can get it straight away.

Of course, for a more detailed discussion, you can just look at the article below, but before going deeper into the discussion, you can also find out about Mobile Legends Hero Role Types .

Because by looking at this discussion, you can better understand the various types of hero roles that exist. So that when you try it directly in the game you won’t be confused about how you play it.

In the following discussion, you will be able to find out how much COA is to get the Zodiac Minotaur Taurus Skin in  MLBB . Of course, you can understand this and you can try it later.

How many COA Can Get Skin Zodiac Minotaur Taurus Mobile Legends (ML)?

The Zodiac Minotaur Taurus skin requires around 1400 to 2000 Crystals of Aurora (COA). Players can use this COA to draw at the Aurora Summon event in the  Mobile Legends game to get the skin.

The number of diamonds mentioned is indeed possible for you to draw 100 times. In each draw, players need approximately 20 Crystals of Aurora, so the amount can be matched this time.

The Zodiac skin for the Minotaur Hero, namely Taurus, is present every April 20 in the  MLBB game . Of course, that way you can try buying it at Aurora Summon in the shop, of course.

For users of the Minotaur hero themselves, of course they can try to have this skin as a collection. Moreover, this tank hero is currently used quite often because of the CC skills he has.

This information will definitely be interesting for MLBB players who want to know the amount of COA needed to get the Zodiac Minotaur Taurus Skin. When this skin is released, of course you can immediately try to buy it this time.

As previously explained, you can understand the COA amount to get the Zodiac Minotaur skin in the MLBB game. What do you think about the discussion given this time in the article?