How to Master PC Esports Essential Skills for Ultimate Success.

Joining the exciting world of Esports is not that easy. It will require a combination of raw skills along with a wide variety of techniques and qualities that can help in succeeding in this field. You might think that it’s quite intimidating, but it shouldn’t be! The journey towards being the best is filled with trials and tribulations but at the same time, it also includes self-improvement. Additionally, most of these skills can be applied in the real world as well. This means that it can level up your abilities not just in the game arena but in the outside world as well. The following are some of the top skills that you will be needing if you want to be an Esports pro and join an Esports team.

How to Master PC Esports Essential Skills for Ultimate Success

Good Communication

We really want to emphasize the significance of having good communication. If you are playing on an Esports team, then it is important that you must know how to express your thoughts precisely and quickly since a lot of things could happen at any given time. One of your teammates might be thinking of a specific course of action while you have something different in mind. It is important that all the members should coordinate to obtain a synchronous mindset which is vital if you want to secure a victory.

If your team is playing Smash, then it’s probably a good idea to ask your partner to grab the opponent. By doing this, it gives you the chance to knock them off and close out any stocks which is difficult to accomplish if you don’t communicate with your allies. Good communication results in good teamwork which can create some excellent highlights. Additionally, it is important to keep your connection secure with a VPN. There are different uses of VPN for PC esports gaming and one of them is to hide your IP address so that nobody will know where you are originally from.

Do Some Research

Choosing the Esports game that you want to play is crucial, however, one of the major components of Esports that does not get too much attention is research.  In order to have a good performance, it is important that you have an in-depth understanding of the game. This includes the meta and the mechanics of the game that you have chosen. For instance, if you want to play Super Smash Brothers Melee but only have less knowledge on the mechanics of the game. You may have the ability to block or to do smash attacks, however, you do not know how to wavedash.


This can be frustrating since this particular technique is commonly used by high-level players in throwing off their partners. And in doing so, you can perform ground attacks. By doing some research, you can discover how you can take down a certain character, in case it will be used by your opponent. This aspect is important most especially if you will be recruited by a big Esport team.

Critical Thinking

One of the most powerful skills that you need during an intense game is critical thinking. Why is critical thinking important? Additionally, it is something that should be done quickly. In just a matter of 8 minutes within a match, there are a lot of micro-decisions that you need to make at any given time. Perhaps you might be asking yourself some questions such as are they going to retaliate after making it back from the ledge? Or will your opponent block your next move? Or perhaps they might want to air dodge out of the way? 

Basically, you will need answers to everything and the only way that you can get this is to incorporate those choices so you can make the best possible options. Most often, you need to anticipate or you might need to react. Critical thinking means that you have to get inside the head of your opponent so you will be able to read their minds. Although the mental ability in Esports is something that is not usually talked about, however, it requires some attention. 


Asking yourself what your opponent will do after performing the same combo string can give you some idea on what they might do next. Will they be doing the same thing and neglect to use the other options? If this is the case, then you can also keep on doing the same strategy to put them on tilt. Have they catched up with your tricks? Then, perhaps you should mix them up so you can throw them off. Being a master of your mind while reading your opponent’s mind at the same time can be very powerful most especially when its done right.