How to Play Using Layla Mobile Legends (ML)

Here, Esportsku will provide a guide on how to play using Layla's hero in Mobile Legends. You can apply this guide to get better at playing it in matches.

This is how to play using Layla Mobile Legends hero. Layla is one of the underrated marksman heroes, even so, this hero is still quite worthy for you to play. Here, Esportsku will provide a guide on how to play using Layla’s hero in Mobile Legends. You can apply this guide to get better at playing it in matches.

Playing Layla’s own hero is quite easy, even this hero is a starter hero given by Moonton for free, of course using it will be very quickly mastered, you just need to take advantage of the right position.

Layla’s ability has a long attack distance, then Layla’s attack is no less painful, this hero is very deadly when the late game arrives. For you marksman hero users, this is how to play Layla correctly.

To play Layla better, you must know the skills, emblems, battle spells, build items, combos and the best gameplay as follows.

Skill Layla Mobile Legends

The following is a list of skills that Layla has in Mobile Legends.

Passive Skill: Malefic Gun

Layla’s Basic Attack and Skill damage will increase which scales with the distance between Layla and her opponent, from 100% to 140%.

Skill 1: Malefic Bomb

Layla will fire a Malefic Bomb, then deal damage to the first opponent hit by an attack and will increase her movement speed and increase her basic attack range.

Skill 2: Void Projectile

Layla will fire an energy ball that will explode when it hits the target, then deal damage to the target and surrounding enemies, this attack causes a slow effect and increases the magic mark on the opponent.

Layla can then detonate her Magic Mark with her next attack, dealing damage to nearby enemies and slowing her down.

Ultimate Skill: Destruction Rush

Layla will fire an energy blast in a predetermined direction, then deal damage to enemies in its path.

Every time this skill is upgraded, the basic attack and skill attack distance will increase.

Emblem, Battle Spell Build Item

Next is to use emblems, battle spells and then build items that hurt Layla’s hero in Mobile Legends.


For Layla’s emblem, you can use a Custom Assassin Emblem with Talent Killing Spree, this talent will make Layla get 15% HP and 20% Movement Speed when defeating an opponent.

Then for the first point, Layla can increase 3x Agility to increase her movement speed. And then for the second point, you can increase 3x Invasion to add Physical PEN.

Battle Spell

  • Flicker
  • Retribution
  • Flameshot

First, you can use flicker as Layla’s main battle spell

Build Items

Next is the best and sickest Layla build that we recommend from one of the top global Layla heroes in Mobile Legends.

  • Swift Boots

The first is Swift Boots, this item will give Layla 15 Attack Speed ​​and 40 Movement Speed, so Layla will get a fast attack on her opponent.

Oh yes, for junglers, Layla can use flame retribution to give it faster to do farming, so it will be more efficient for Layla.

  • Windtalker

The second item is Windtalker, which is one item that will give Layla additional movement speed, this item also provides attack speed and passive abilities that can burn the opponent.

With this item, Layla will get a faster attack effect and have damage that can attack many opponents at once, most importantly, this item is very useful for clear waves and teamfights.

  • Berserker’s Fury

Next, the item that can be used by Layla is Berseker Fury, which is one of the items that will give high critical to Layla, this item will give deadly critical damage.

Critical is damage resulting from attacks which will be very difficult to withstand, in contrast to physical ATK, the critical damage itself is quite large.

  • Scarlet Phantom

Next is Scarlet Phantom, this item will provide high attack speed for Layla, not only the flat attribute that gives fast attacks, for its passive ability it also increases attack speed.

Every critical that comes out to the opponent, will give a bonus attack speed so this item is very suitable to be purchased after Berseker Fury so that the critical ability will increase the attack faster.

  • Malefic Roar

Next is Malefic Roar which is one of the items which will provide a strong attack for tankers. This item must be used during the late game.

Which will give 40 Physical PEN which will make your damage penetrate the opponent even though the opponent uses a defense item. So that the damage issued by Layla is greater.

  • Blade of Despair

The best deadly item for the last Layla is the Blade of Despair, which is one item that will give the user 160 Physical ATK, this item is very strong and even the strongest in all other items.

Blade of Despair is suitable for use by all core heroes including Layla and is a mandatory item for you to use during the late game.

Combo Skill Layla Mobile Legends

For skill combos, Layla doesn’t seem so difficult, this one hero can attack well even by using a makeshift combo, in a sense, combo attacks can be done in any way, but here are the best combos you can use.

Ultimate > Skill 2 > Skill 1 > Basic Attack

You can launch the ultimate attack first, the reason is because this attack is extensive and deals great damage.

Opponents who are hit usually immediately get half HP, in this condition it will make it difficult for the opponent to think whether to attack or run away.

When the opponent panics, use all attacks starting from skill 2, skill 1 and ultimate. Now even with this combo, it will provide assistance to teammates, because the opponent has already received a little damage, so you can defeat him easily.

Gameplay Hero Layla Mobile Legends

Finally, the gameplay regarding Layla’s hero, for gameplay we will provide some tips that will make your Layla even more deadly when played, see the following.

Quick Farming Tips

Layla is generally a slow hero in farming, the reason is because of the limited mobility that makes it very difficult to play, for that, you can do farming by farming.

Don’t be offside, and always look at the map, pay attention to your teammates giving the Enemy Missing sign so that no one kidnaps Layla when farming.

For junglers, take both buffs and then try to always get the last hit on the minions, when rotating, make sure to always be behind the tanker.

Then for the gold laner, Layla can play safely, and make sure that to always clear the lane quickly, if necessary you can use her ultimate.

This is so that the opponent does not enter the turret and attack you. If hit by ganking, don’t hesitate to use flicker to escape.

How to Teamfight Layla Optimal

Teamfight is one that often occurs in the game, when teamfight, Layla must make an attack which must prioritize victory.

Now you can use combo attacks which rely on ultimate first. This attack will allow Layla to kill all opponents so that their HP is immediately dying.

This attack can be a war opener, so it will make it easier for your teammates and make your opponent panic. Oh yeah, don’t be stingy with ultimate and use ultimate when your opponent is dying!

Play Safe Until Late Game

Finally, play it safe and make sure you can survive until the late game. Also make sure not to feed and die to a minimum.

The less you die, the more sick Layla will be when playing the late game arrives. That way you can finish the match and make it difficult for your opponent to face Layla.

So that’s it for how to play using Layla’s hero in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the above review can be useful and useful for those of you who need it. See you! Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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