How to Save Spins on Skin Collector Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends certainly has lots of tips and tricks that you need to know, of course. For example, this one is related to How to Save on Spin Skin Collector Mobile Legends (ML). It is clear that with this you will be able to understand better.

For those of you who like playing the Mobile Legends game, you definitely never want to miss the latest information on the game. For example, with several updates for the latest content in the game.

For example, some of this content certainly includes several events that reward skins, of course. Therefore, you also need to know some tips or tricks when participating in the event.

Of course, later you can look at this article for more details, but before discussing this topic, there’s no harm in looking at the discussion about Squad Names in Mobile Legends .

After you see the discussion, maybe you can use one of the existing squad names, of course. So when you play the game, the squad you have will be different from the others when you use the names on the list.

In this article, you can find out how to save on Collector spin skins in the MLBB game . Of course, for those of you who are curious, you can just take a look this time, so you can try it straight away in the game.

How to Save Spins on Skin Collector Mobile Legends (ML)

You can get the Collector Skin for 3000 to 6000 diamonds. Of course, you can get quite a lot of this amount in the Mobile Legends game, therefore you can try several economical ways such as the following:

Using Free Tokens

First, of course, what you can use is free tokens. Of course, players can get these tokens by completing the required top up missions later.

By collecting these tokens, you can of course save more because you don’t need diamonds to draw at the Grand Collection event which takes place in the game.

Using Crystal of Aurora (COA)

Next is to use Crystal of Aurora, you can do this because at the Grand Collection event you can use COA later apart from using Diamond.

So you can try to collect COA when you use the Weekly Diamond Pass or other Bundles when you top up, of course.

Draw Once a Day

Another economical way is for you to draw once a day, this is done because by drawing every day you will get a discount later. This discount will continue to be refreshed every day in the game.

Of course, you can use this to get cheaper Collector skins. Of course, the use of diamonds that you have will be much less than the estimated number.

Regarding this discussion, you MLBB game players can also find out about how to save on Collector spin skins. When you try it at the event, you can get the skin much cheaper this time.

That’s a little discussion about how to save more on the Collector spin skin in the MLBB game this time. So that you can take advantage of it and hopefully with this discussion you can understand the explanation in this article.