Is True That Genshin Impact Will Have a PVP Mode?

Regarding the current issue and rumors that it will be present at genshin impact, is it true that Genshin Impact will have a PvP mode?

You usually find Player VS Player or PvP in games like MMORPG, regarding the PvP Mode currently there are many rumors that it will be present at Genshin Impact. Then is it true that Genshin Impact will have a PvP Mode?

As you know, Genshin Impact is a JRPG or Role Player Game with Japanese nuances, this game has a very distinctive anime style, of course, many people like games, especially wibu gamers.

Regarding this, quite a lot of players might expect a PvP feature on Genshin Impact. This may arise if there is a leak or just someone’s opinion so that news about the PvP feature or mode spreads to the players.



Is True That Genshin Impact Will Have a PVP Mode?

You need to note that RPG games will not be suitable for presenting a PvP mode, especially Genshin Impact is a game with a Gacha system that allows the characters you get will not be the same.

Not only that, different artifacts, constellations, use of characters and weapons will also appeal to players who have lots of money.

To reiterate that there will be no PvP mode on Genshin Impact is MiHoYo’s statement regarding the answers from players regarding this matter which you can see as follows.


As written there, some features such as PvP Multiplayer or the like are not the top priority of MiHoYO, they really hope that players who play Genshin Impact get a different experience playing RPG.

In addition, the author’s opinion that the presence of the PvP mode in the game Genshin Impact itself will make this game a “Dead Game”. Currently, Genshin Impact is quite friendly with F2P players.


To get one character one one is not playing games, you need millions of money just to get a 5 star character and around 18 million if you want one full constellation character.

It’s not a cheap price for some people and of course bad characters will discriminate against some players so that there is no more interest for F2P players in playing Genshin Impact.

So maybe that’s the author’s opinion regarding your answer whether Genshin Impact will have a PvP Mode or not. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are very feeling about this.


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