Mage DPS Mobile Legends (ML)

Heroes who are in the dps mage subcategory usually have CC that can curb the enemy. In addition, making it difficult to escape from this mage's attack. This time we will discuss this DPS type mage.

As you know, mage is a role that is the source of the team’s Magical damage, and becomes a carry with the damage. There are many types of mages, one of which is the DPS type of mobile legends. this Mage role in mobile legends relies on skills that can drain enemy blood easily coupled with strong follow-up.

Heroes who are in the dps mage subcategory usually have CC that can curb the enemy. In addition, making it difficult to escape from this mage’s attack. This time we will discuss this DPS type mage.

Mage DPS Mobile Legends

if as you know usually Mage has a skill that can deal big damage quickly and can give a high burst in an instant. However, this type is not like a burst mage that can throw large-scale damage simultaneously, the DPS (Damage per Second) type is a mage that deals moderate but continuous damage.

Usually having CC or effects such as burn will allow him to injure the enemy and let his blood decrease. Because of that, this type of mage can also be very strong because the DPS effect usually can’t be removed, so you will be exposed to continuous damage until the effect disappears.

Heroes like this can be a source of damage in reducing enemy damage easily, but are usually weak in 1 vs 1. Because the DPS effect is usually too long to attack the enemy and you will usually die first. So it’s better to avoid duels and just lure the enemy so you can survive him.

When the war later you can attack the enemy from afar and drain their blood with his skills. The following are the types of DPS Mage and their heroes that you can try.


This mage is actually a mage who relies on his Basic attack to attack, or commonly called ADC (Attack Damage Carry). So you give DPS from the Basic damage. This hero is Kimmy. Kimmy is a marksman mage who can shoot manually while walking.

This hero can provide DPS from his basic attack, so this hero is also a marksman. As a DPS marksman hero, Kimmy is a very strong hero against enemies and kites.

Kimmy is the only DPS marksman at the moment. This is because only Kimmy has high scaling magic. Kimmy is also better at being physical, so the marksman mage role is a bit awkward too.


Single target DPS is a mage who has DPS skills that can only deal DPS damage to one person, but has tremendous damage. An example is Vexana. This hero has an Ultimate that can mark enemies and give marks that can give DPS to 1 person.

The mark cannot be removed using purify or other spells. So you will continue to be exposed to damage from the Ultimate. You can use it on thick heroes so that their blood continues to decrease or on marksman so that assassins can kill them more easily

Examples of heroes:

  • Yve
  • Harley
  • Eudora
  • Harith (half AoE)
  • Cyclops


This one is a mage with area DPS damage. That way you can give DPS damage to many people, even though the damage is usually smaller than the Single target. But the quantity it has is bigger and can reach many heroes.

An example is Valir. This hero can fire a fireball that will explode and give a burn effect to the surroundings. This effect will continue to drain the enemy’s blood. So you can reduce the enemy’s blood from a distance and push them back.

Here are some examples of DPS hero mages that you must use and try.

Examples of heroes:

  • Valir
  • Yve
  • Pharsa
  • Alice
  • Vale

That’s a brief explanation of Mage DPS. Although unlike the Burst Mage, which deals massive damage quickly, the DPS mage has stable damage and can continue to reduce the enemy’s blood without stopping. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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