Mobile Legends KITTING Method and How to Kite Enemies (ML)

Here we will provide explanations and tips about kiting in Mobile Legends. Kite is a basic method of playing and you must learn for sure.

If you often read a guide or watch videos about Mobile Legends, surely you often hear the term “Kiting” or “Kite”. This is very important for you to learn because you actually often do this without realizing it. We ourselves have Mobile Legends kiting tips which are KITE ML hero methods and tricks in the Battle that you can follow. Here we will provide explanations and tips about kiting in Mobile Legends. Kite is a basic method of playing and you must learn for sure.

By kiting you will benefit greatly when fighting other heroes. This is important for you to master so that when you play later you will be very superior. By mastering kiting and using the right hero, you can take advantage of this to win lane and teamfight.


Kite if interpreted literally into Indonesian means kite. Why kites? This is because the kite will be a very important parable. If you play 1v1 against other heroes, let’s say you are playing kites by keeping your distance and doing push and pull continuously. Of course, by doing a perfect kite the enemy will be frustrated.

The thing you have to remember is to keep moving and keep your distance. Kite cannot be done silently and generally kiting is done by ranged heroes or has high mobility to stall the game.


The most appropriate and easy method to kite is to keep your distance, keep moving, and adjust your position. This will make the opponent’s hero more difficult and trapped in your game. Some heroes really benefit when kiting and we will discuss it here later.

You must be able to manage and stretch the enemy’s distance when fighting. Think of it like playing a kite, you have to fish and pull them on and force the enemy to follow your movements. Kiting is very easy to do in the middle and small ranks because it is easy to predict the opponent’s movements.


You have to remember that not all heroes are effective at kiting, even some heroes don’t have this ability at all. The most important thing in kiting is mobility. Don’t try to do this to heroes who have high mobility or have specialty Charge.


If you read the previous tips, of course you already understand what heroes will benefit when kiting. Heroes who have high mobility and are able to move constantly are suitable heroes.

  • Irithel
  • X-Borg
  • Claude
  • Clint
  • Harith
  • WanWan
  • Kagura

These five heroes have something in common, namely mobility. Irithel can attack while moving and will make it difficult for the enemy to catch up with him. X-Borg can use skills while moving and will make enemies difficult. Claude if you can use his skillset can be strong in kiting. While Clint and Harith have spamable dash skills, it’s easy to control your position.

Those are tips and explanations about the term kite or kiting in Mobile Legends. It is very important for you to learn and practice later in the game because this can benefit your game and battle for sure. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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