Strengths and Weaknesses of Valir Mobile Legends (ML)

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of Valir in Mobile Legends that you must know.

Mobile Legends is a game that has the hero Valir as a hero mage in it. This one hero is very strong and meta as support, now for those of you who want to play Valir, here are the strengths and weaknesses of Valir in Mobile Legends. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information about the strengths and weaknesses of Valir in Mobile Legends that you must know.

Valir is a mage hero who controls fire as his main weapon. This one hero is often the best support hero in Mobile Legends. Using this one hero is the best step you can take. Especially for you mage users.

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of Valir in Mobile Legends that you must know before using it in the game. So, consider the following reviews carefully.

The Strenghts of Valir in Mobile Legends

Has Excellent Crowd Control

Valir is one of the heroes who has very high Crowd Control, thanks to this ability that makes Valir a very deadly hero and is also widely played by Mobile Legends gamers.

This is thanks to the ability of his skills to give knockbacks to opponents, not only that Valir attacks are also quite painful and enough to overwhelm the opponent. Valir can be the best support hero

Has great damage

The next advantage of Valir is very good damage, this is thanks to the ability of the role he has as a hero mage. Valir can provide enormous damage in real time. The skill that is very short also has advantages over Valir itself.

With this great damage ability, Valir can become a support hero as a very good damage dealer for you to use. This one hero is also quite a meta in season 19 at the moment. This hero can be the best choice hero that you can use.

Absolute Guard Ability

Next comes the excellent guard skills. Valir is a hero with a Guard specialty that can allow him to cover team heroes very well.

With this ability you can easily protect your teammates, one of the skills it has is that it can have a slow effect on your opponent and can also blow him away. This skill will be very easy to knock your opponent down when they want to attack.

Easy to Play for Beginners

Next is that it can be easily played with beginners. Valir has all aspects of playing that are very solid but easy to control. You can even use this one hero quickly.

It won’t take a long time for you to master the hero Valir in Mobile Legends. For example, the first skill is to inflict damage, the second skill is to blow away the opponent, and the third skill which gives a strong attack.

Very Strong in the Early Game

Valir is one of the very strong heroes in the early game, especially as the best rush hero to play. Valir can easily join the team fight in the early minutes and deal very solid damage.

The ability of this one hero during the early game really doesn’t need to be doubted. As a mage hero, Valir has a very painful attack that can disturb and hinder opponents when farming.

Weaknesses of Valir in Mobile Legends

Low Mobility

The weakness of the first Valir lies in its low mobility for all mage heroes. Just like his brother, Vale, Valir is not equipped with the skills to escape in a match.

Again, you have to use additional battle spells like flicker to increase the mobility of this Valir hero. By using these items you can easily escape when pressed.

Weak When Late Game

The next weakness is weakness during the late game. This has become a common requirement in the game of moba. Valir is indeed very strong in the early game but weak in the late game.

Therefore, those of you who play Valir must finish the game as quickly as possible. If not, then leave all late game assignments to your marksman hero in Mobile Legends.

Does not have Escape Mechanism Skills

Not only that, Valir’s next weakness also lies in the absence of the escape mechanism skill on this one hero. This skill will make it possible for Valir to move widely and also become a mainstay weapon when hit by a ganking.

Therefore, when using Valir, it is highly recommended that you use battle spells that increase your escape, for example using a flicker, flame shot or sprint.

Easy on the counter

Finally, Valir’s weakness lies in his ability to be easy to counter in a match in Mobile Legends. Valir can be easily defeated by several heroes like Chou, Saber, Franco and others.

Not only that, Valir’s attacks are also easy to predict, for example, Valir’s knockback ability, which has a cooldown, can be overcome by waiting for Valir to use it. Then you can attack him easily.

That’s all, some of Valir’s strengths and weaknesses in Mobile Legends that you must know, especially support users who want to try to play this one hero. Hopefully this review can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!


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