Appearance of Skin Collector Hanabi Riverland Phoenix Mobile Legends (ML)

Updates in the Mobile Legends game itself are really eagerly awaited by the players. For example, with this discussion, you can find out about the appearance of the Skin Collector Hanabi Riverland Phoenix Mobile Legends (ML). You can understand this later.

With the various latest updates in the MLBB game itself, players are definitely curious about what new things you can play in the game.

Some of these updates also include the skins that are there, of course players also want to know what the skins look like.

Indeed, later you will be able to see a detailed explanation in the article, but before that, maybe you can see the list of all Mobile Legends (MLBB) Collector Skins that exist this time.

Players can also find out some of the Collector type skins in the game by the appearance of the skins which are said to be quite expensive to obtain.

Hero Hanabi is one of the Marksman heroes in the MLBB game who has the skill to be able to bounce, which is really interesting for the players to play.

The heroes in the MLBB game will definitely look different and cool when they have a skin appearance that definitely has stunning effects like the Collector skin.

Collector type skins, as MLBB players know, also have the best appearance and skill effects compared to skins for other types in the game.

For this article, we will provide a brief explanation of the Hanabi hero skin with the Riverland Phoenix Collector type in the MLBB game so that you can find out what it looks like.

Come on, look directly at the explanation in the article below so you can find out what the hero looks like from the Collector skin he has in this game.

Appearance of Skin Collector Hanabi Riverland Phoenix Mobile Legends (ML)

For the Skin Collector Hero Hanabi skin this time in the Mobile Legends game, namely Riverland Phoenix, this Marksman hero is really cool enough to have if you look at it.

With the theme of the god of heaven plus the Phoenix bird which makes the appearance of the hero, which is dominated by gold and blue, quite cool this time.

Skin Collector Januari 2022 Mobile Legends (ML)

Moreover, the skill effects possessed by this hero are certainly quite luxurious this time with the colors given such as the passive skill reflecting basic attacks and also the ultimate skill Higanbana in the form of a Phoenix.

The skin, which will be released in early 2022 in January, can be obtained by players by participating in the Grand Collection event that month in the MLBB game.

For those of you who want to get this skin, you have to prepare approximately 5000 diamonds, which is almost the same as other Collector skins.

It is said that Hanabi herself is still not a top tier pick for the Marksman hero in the MLBB game, because she feels that this hero is still not suitable for use.

Maybe later this hero will be able to get the latest changes and there could also be several other new skins that players can get.

Of course, players for the MLBB game this time will be able to find out what the explanation of the appearance of the Collector skin for the Hanabi hero in the game is.

Likewise, you can try to find out what the Collector type skin looks like for the Hanabi hero in the MLBB game this time. What do you think of the explanation in the article?