Appearance of Skin Collector Silvanna Queen Frost Mobile Legends (ML)

Players are always looking forward to Mobile Legends with various new updates that you can try playing. For example, with the explanation for the Skin Collector Silvanna Queen Frost Mobile Legends (ML) appearance. Of course you can try to find out this time.

For several updates in the MLBB game itself, as players know, there are indeed many interesting things that you can try to play later.

One of these updates also includes a very interesting skin that you can also try using in the game to make your hero even cooler.

Later you can find out a more detailed explanation in the article, but before that you can also see the List of All Mobile Legends (MLBB) Skin Collectors this time.

Regarding the list of Collector skins in the game, you can find out which heroes will get that type of skin.

Silvanna is one of the Fighter/Mage heroes in the MLBB game who has the skill to lock her enemies which is very effective to use.

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And for the hero Silvanna herself, her appearance will definitely look cooler if she uses one of the good skin types, such as the Collector skin type.

Because we know for ourselves that the Collector skin is one of the skins that has good effects and appearance among other types of skin, plus the price of the skin is quite expensive to get.

In this article, we will provide a little explanation about what the Collector Queen Frost type Silvanna hero skin looks like in the MLBB game, so that you can find out.

So just look at the article below so you can find out what a more detailed explanation regarding the appearance of the Collector hero skin in the game this time is.

Appearance of Skin Collector Silvanna Queen Frost Mobile Legends (ML)

The Collector type skin for the Silvanna hero, Queen Frost, has been depicted using the snow queen theme for this hero.

Using the ice kingdom theme makes Silvanna’s hero dominated by white and blue, plus Silvanna’s appearance this time is wearing an ice crown.

Apart from that, this time the skin also has several effects or ice ornaments when Silvanna uses her weapon, namely a spear, on the skin collector.

This skin was also released in the MLBB game in March 2022 through one of the events that always presents Collector skins, namely the Grand Collection.

The same as other Collector skins, if you want to get this skin then you need approximately 5000 diamonds to be able to do the gacha at the event.

Returning to the hero Silvanna himself, it is said that the Fighter/Mage hero in the MLBB game this time is also not yet in the top tier in the meta in the game.

Because Silvanna is less effective as an explainer compared to other heroes, it is possible that in the future there will be changes to this hero in other updates.

With these changes, it is also possible that the hero Silvanna will get a new skin which will definitely be more interesting to try and users of this hero may also appear again.

From this explanation, you players for the MLBB game this time can also find out what the Silvanna hero skin looks like for the Collector type this time in the game.

Regarding this explanation, this time the appearance of the Collector skin for the hero Silvanna in the MLBB game has been completed, what do you think is the explanation?