Appearance of Skin Collector Wanwan Pixel Blast Mobile Legends (ML)

For Mobile Legends itself, in this game there are a number of interesting updates that you should know about. For example, with the explanation of Skin Collector Wanwan Pixel Blast in Mobile Legends (ML). Later you can see the explanation for this.

MLBB game players who are quite active in playing certainly understand the several updates that are constantly coming and are looking forward to changes in the game.

It can also be seen from the skins that are appearing, of course the various content updates are really interesting for you to try to find out more about

You can also see the List of All Mobile Legends (MLBB) Skin Collectors before a more detailed explanation in the article below.

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By looking at several lists of Collector skins in the game, you will definitely be quite interested in which heroes get this type of skin.

One of the Marksman heroes in the MLBB game, Wanwan, is quite interesting because of the uniqueness of this hero, where every basic attack made by the hero will make a dash.

The hero who relies heavily on the attack speed attribute is quite agile and has deadly skills for his opponents.

Users of the hero Wanwan themselves definitely want to look cool with the hero’s appearance, such as with the existing skins

For example, with the Collector skin owned by the marksman hero which is also said to be the best skin owned by this skin.

It is said to be the best, as is also known, the Collector skin type itself is a top tier skin which has different effects, appearance and price from other skins.

In this discussion we will also discuss a little about the Collector Wanwan Pixel Blast skin, which is certainly interesting for the hero with the ultimate crossbow of tang skill.

If you are curious, of course you can immediately try looking directly at the article below for a more detailed explanation of the appearance of the skin.

Appearance of Skin Collector Wanwan Pixel Blast Mobile Legends (ML)

For the Collector skin for the hero Wanwan, Pixel Blast is indeed one of the best skins this hero has in the MLBB game this time.

The theme of the Collector skin looks like an interesting pixel arcade game to be applied this time with the Marksman hero.

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With the appearance and skill effects given to this skin, you Wanwan hero users really want this skin to have.

This skin was also released in the MLBB game itself in February 2021 through an event, namely Epic Showcase, which is a Lucky Box event.

At the Epic Showcase event, players can do draw spins, if the spins are done more often, the diamonds needed will also be bigger.

The Collector Wanwan skin type itself was previously an Epic skin, which was also seen being released at the Epic Showcase event some time ago.

The Epic Showcase event itself changed to the current Grand Collection event, so the skin also changed from Epic to Collector type.

For those of you who want to try to get the Collector hero Wanwan skin, you can wait for several big events that will be present in the MLBB game.

You can do this by looking at prize pools such as collaboration events or even Grand Collection events later.

Therefore, you can try to see the latest news for updates on the latest Collector skins or you can also check out existing events with prize pool skins.

Speaking of the hero Wanwan himself, he can also be said to be one of the heroes who is included in the top tier for meta in the latest season of the MLBB game.

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This is because the Wanwan hero is one of the Marksman heroes who has high mobility and also has deadly damage to his opponents.

Who knows, with various advantages for this hero, there will also be several other new skins, so that the hero’s users will be happy enough to be able to buy it.

Behind that, Wanwan herself has various types of skins ranging from Normal, Elite, Special to Collector skins this time in the game.

We can look forward to updates regarding this content, such as what will come of course in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This explanation is also interesting information for MLBB game players to know about what Collector Wanwan’s skin looks like this time.

That’s the discussion about the appearance of the skin for the hero Wanwan Pixel Blast this time in the MLBB game which you can check, of course.

How about an explanation in the article regarding the appearance of the Wanwan Pixel Blast hero skin? Of course you can know what it looks like.