Aurora Revamp Combo Mobile Legends (ML), Enemies Vanish!

In Mobile Legends, currently there are many interesting updates for the players to find out about. For example, this time there is an explanation about the Aurora Revamp Mobile Legends (ML) Combo, Enemies Disappear! So you won’t be confused about how to use the hero.

Several updates in the MLBB game have made players even more interested in continuing to play the game with several changes. 

This can also be seen in the several changes that have occurred to several of the heroes in the game which are definitely becoming more interesting for the players to play.

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In this discussion, we will provide a little explanation about the combos that can be used by the Aurora hero who is getting a revamp in the MLBB game. You can understand this and you can see it in the article below.

Aurora Revamp Combo Mobile Legends (ML), Enemies Vanish!

The hero Aurora, who got his own revamp, can immediately use combos such as skill 2 -> Ultimate -> skill 1 which you can use later to finish off your opponent.

Apart from that, you can also use the Ultimate -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1 combo when doing war team fights, because the combo that has this area can be used by players to catch more enemies.

Unlike the previous Aurora, which had to collect the stack first to freeze with the revamp, this time Aurora only needs skill 2 and its ultimate to provide a Freeze effect on its opponent.

Aurora Revamp itself is also one of the midlaner heroes who is included in the top tier pick, in other words this hero is also included in the meta in the MLBB game because it is effective to use.

You Aurora hero users are certainly quite happy this time with the revamp changes because now you can use your favorite hero this time when playing in the Land of Dawn, of course.

This explanation also means that players for the MLBB game can find out what the combo of the Aurora hero who gets the revamp is like in the game. Surely you can understand how to use it.

This is also an explanation of the combos that players can use when using the Hero Aurora Revamp in the MLBB game. What do you think about the explanation this time?