Champion Counter Zed Wild Rift, Can It Be Effective?

When fighting Zed as your opponent, try not to let him get the upper hand in the early game. If only he excels in just one item.


Champion counter Zed Wild Rift. Zed is perhaps the current midlaner who frustrates many opponents the most. It is not uncommon for him to dominate the lane and eventually snowball from there and it will be terrible when the late game comes. This is thanks to his skillset which is suitable when the laning phase is in the mid.

When fighting Zed as an opponent, try not to let him get the edge in the early game. If only he excels in just one item, this can have fatal consequences throughout your game later. So don’t let Zed get the chance to snowball later.

Therefore, understand the existing Zed Wild Rift champion counter so you can play even better. Indeed fighting Zed is not an easy thing, but this is the main reason you will have to be able to fight Zed well in order not to lose, especially if he is snowballing.

Here, let’s talk about the Zed Wild Rift champion counter. Maybe it can be a reference for those of you who want to use a champion who can beat Zed. Often there will be hassles in the late game if he is allowed to just dominate your game.



Braum might be your savior in playing against Zed. He has an ulti knock which can be useful against Zed when he enters and also an anti-range attack that can withstand Zed’s shuriken damage. Not only that, He can also move in to help the team.



Almost the same as Braum, Alistar can easily help team members if played correctly. He can push Zed far when he enters, has useful damage reduction, and is also quite sick. Roughly speaking, a very well suited tank for keeping Zed in.



Malphite is a very strong champion if you use it. He is quite unique because you can play Malphite as support, mid laner, and also Baron laner. In the mid lane, Malphite can win against Zed easily. In teamfight and late game, Malphite is even more deadly with team members.



Camille has excellent mobility when used properly. He can catch Zed easily and Cammile has a lockdown which is often Zed’s weakness. Camille can be an effective Zed counter.



Fizz is Zed’s counter both in laning and throughout the game. Himself on the lane can easily install Zed, even solo kills. Not only that, Fizz has good mobility to escape or chase opponents and also an that can easily avoid Zed’s high burst damage.


Those are some of the Zed Wild Rift champion counters that you can use later. You have to shut down Zed from the start because later it could be terrible if given the opportunity to continue to increase its net worth.

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