Disconnected From Among Us Server, Why?


Among Us is one of the most popular and widely played games. Not only in Indonesia, but also in other country. Maybe because of many Youtubers or Streamers who play this game, it has made Among Us popular again. Not only that, this game also has a unique gameplay and is very exciting to play. Here we will discuss the Among Us game.

Among Us has many servers that you can play. You can play in Asia, America and others. The further you play, the slower your connection will be. It is highly recommended that you play in Asia. Because, Asia is one of the closest servers, and you can have better network. Usually if you are using a server that is further away you can have a higher ping with the possibility of DC or Discconnecteed.

Many are often disconnected while playing, even though the network is stable when playing other games. This is indeed quite annoying, especially when you want to win a little more, or get an Impostor role. It turns out that there are ways you can do to fix Disconnected when playing Among Us. Maybe if you have DC problems while playing, you can use the method below.

Here we will provide tips on How to Overcome Disconnected From Servers Among Us. In this way, maybe you can solve DC problems when playing Among Us. If you are still having DC problems, it might be your network that is in trouble.

How to solve disconnected from server among us

As said, you can switch servers when playing Among Us. You can move to an American server or something, and play with people in the area. Of course this can make your network lag, because the server is too far away. If you are hit by DC while playing, it might be because you are using a server that is too far away. Here’s how to fix it.

  • First you enter the Among Us application first.
  • After that you select Online.
  • When you are in the Online Menu, you can press the icon that looks like the earth which is located at the very bottom right.
  • That’s where you choose the server you will use.
  • you can choose Asia, because the server is the closest.
  • Finally, you just need to refresh at the Lobby, and choose the room that you will play.

By playing on a closer server, you won’t be exposed to easily. You also cannot play with your friends who are on different servers. Therefore, you must pay attention to the server you are going to play on.

Those are some tips on How to Overcome Disconnected From Servers Among Us, that you can try. If you want to change servers and it’s still affected by DC, chances are there are 2. First, maybe your internet is in chaos. Second, severally among us are weird. So, maybe you can check your internet first.


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