5 Heroes Users of Haas Claw Items in Mobile Legends (ML)

Here we will provide tips about Hero Users of Haas Claw Items in Mobile Legends, and heroes who usually use this item. Many heroes have certain items, so you can try to improve the heroes you use to become even stronger.


Mobile Legends has lots of items that you can use. Each of these items has a unique use of each. You can use these items, depending on the hero you can use. That way you can make the heroes you use become stronger. Of course, it’s a bit difficult to choose an item for the first time playing. Here, we will discuss about items and heroes in Mobile Legends.

Heroes in Mobile Legends are numerous and have various skills. Each hero has a different attack type and mainstay stat. Some rely on Physical damage, Magic Damage or Defense depending on the items you use. This makes the mechanics of this game a bit complicated, but very powerful if you master it well. Because, there are many things that can help you, when you know how to use certain items.

There are many things you should know about the items in Mobile Legends. One of them is skill items. some items in Mobile Legends have passive skills that can help you in strengthening the hero attacks you are using. That way, you can attack enemies more easily, because they have passive or active skills on the hero you are using.

Many heroes can use this item well. If you use the hero below, maybe you want to try using this item in your build item.


Alucard is a fighter who relies on Lifesteal in his ultimate. By using Haas Claw, he will not easily die, and can continuously draw enemy blood. That way, you will not easily drop this one hero.


Miya has high damage and a range of shots that can cover many heroes at once. By using Haas Claw, he can increase his blood quickly. Not only that, basic attacks that have high attack speed and long range, make him a strong Marksman.


Ruby is a fighter who has a strong lockdown skill in attacking enemies and stopping their movement. Ruby will turn all of her Lifesteal into Skill Vamp. By using Haas Claw, his skill attack can immediately heal his blood again, when he attacks the enemy.

Popol & Kupa

Popol can take advantage of Haas Claw because it has very high damage if given a build marksman. Besides that Kupa can also get the same effect as Popol.


With relatively high and consistent damage and an ultimate that can make him not die, Haas Claw can increase his sustain. When the active ulti runs out, Haas Claw can help with additional sustain.

Those are the tips about Hero Users of Haas Claw Items in Mobile Legends, which you can try while playing. Items in Mobile Legends have their respective uses that you can use. Take advantage of the use of these items, so that you can become even stronger in dealing with existing enemies. Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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