5 PUBG Mobile Clutch Tips, Auto to Become Ryzen BTR!

What are some PUBG mobile clutch tips that you should know about? Check out the explanation this time! Have you seen players clutch playing PUBG Mobile?


Have you ever seen players clutch while playing PUBG Mobile? Clutch is a moment where the player can kill enemies that are more numerous than him. For example, when a player kills four people or a team alone at once, it is called a clutch.

The clutch tips themselves have many ways, you need to understand them in detail because clutching is not easy. This is based on my playing experience when playing with my friends.


5 PUBG Mobile Clutch Tips, Auto to Become Ryzen BTR!


Use Weapons With Lots of Bullets

Clutch requires a lot of bullets because the number of enemies that must be killed is not just one player. In addition, the lack of time needed to reload can make it difficult for you when faced with new enemies.

We also recommend using weapons that have an auto fire mode. Avoid weapons that use semi-auto or burst weapons to make controlling aim at enemies easier.


Appropriate Crosshair Dings or Reflexes

When clutching, a fast and precise crosshair reflex is required. How to train? You can start by getting used to spending time in the Training Room.

When visiting the Training Room, you can try to shoot targets with reflex or a fast crosshair slam. In addition, you can increase the percentage of gyro and ads sensitivity that you use so that the crosshair can be moved lighter.


Train at TDM or Arena Training

If you only practice in the Training Room, it feels less if you haven’t applied it directly. You can try it by playing TDM or Arena Training mode.

Both of these game modes indirectly train your reflexes to shoot enemies quickly and precisely from various enemy directions that come.

If you are used to playing TDM or Arena Training with kills above 15, it can be said that you are starting to have the skills to do clutches.


Don’t Reload Every Shot

Reloading weapons takes time which can be used by the enemy to shoot you face to face.

If you have 40 bullets, try only 10-15 bullets to paralyze the enemy. So with 40 bullets, you can get at least two enemies.


Stay Calm, Train Mentally

If you are using a gyro, try to stay calm while doing the gyro. Many players were nervous, until finally their hands trembled and made the screen unstable.

When the screen is unstable or there is a lot of vibration or movement, the crosshair you aim at the enemy also becomes unstable. So that it could make the shot a miss.


Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you better understand how the basic tips for clutch training for PUBG Mobile players. thank you!

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