Hero Eudora Mobile Legends, Mage Hero with Big Damage in Mobile Legend!

Eudora is one of the oldest mages in the Mobile Legends game and until now it has rarely been used in Ranked Mode from Epic to Mythic.


As we all know, there are quite a number of Hero mages in  Mobile Legends, some of them are either Meta or Overpower. The old mage has begun to be forgotten, such as the eudora, the ML mage hero has great damage!

Eudora is one of the oldest mage and he’s rarely  used in Ranked Mode from Epic to Mythic. Even so, most people would assume this Hero is weak, right? 


FYI Eudora can kill mages like Lunox and Harith with a single combo skill. The damage dealt by Eudora is quite large and very painful. He is one of the Mage ML Great Damage Heroes. Especially if it is used to scoop Marksman.

Hero Eudora Mobile Legends

Hero Eudora Mobile Legends, Hero Mage ML Damage Besar!

Besides, item support is one of the things that you should pay attention to when using this Eudora, if it is an incorrect item then you will become a burden to your team.

This time, we will give one of the tips for using Eudora, which is to use Eudora with one item that is very supportive and can make the targeted enemy can die instantly with a Combo (Except Tank). What items made Eudora more painful? Here it is!


A Mage Heroe with Big Damage in Mobile Legend!Hero Eudora Mobile Legends, Hero Mage ML Damage Besar!

Items that make Eudora can be Overpower.

At that time, the Mobile Legends update a newest verson. So there was one of the newest magic items that was really suitable and good for all Hero Mages. Because it can reduce Magical Defense to a very low level, this item is a Genius Wand.

This item is very useful to fight enemies who have very strong Magic defense, even this item is also very suitable for Hero Eudora’s combo. Because Eillora’s Skill 1 can reduce Magic Defense considerably. this is why Eudora can do a Combo once dead to her target.

If you pair the correct Build to Eudora and add the Genius Wand in item. Then you can penetrate magic damage of more than 4000 to more than 5500.

Nevertheless, it has weakness on its defensive. Where the skill 2 Eudora can only do Stun on one target only. If only 1 person wants to catch Eudora, it won’t be a problem. However, if there are more people, then ciao!

When you’re using Eudora, make sure to always play safely and not too far away from your team members.


Those are some Ways and Items that are suitable for this Eudora hero. Will Eudora return to be a Queen Mage and get rid of Lunox? Let see!

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