High Rank in Mobile Legends is not a guarantee of good ML skills

Even if you reach the highest rank in Mobile Legends or other games, this is not proof that you are the best.


Of course in the moba rank game is something that is often considered important. Everyone is competing to be the best and trying to climb the rank to the top. But often rank is a benchmark for many people to show their skills.

Here we will give reasons why high rank in Mobile Legends is not a benchmark for skill. You have to understand because there are so many determining factors that can affect a person’s rank.

Even if you reach the highest rank in Mobile Legends or other games, this is not proof that you are the best.

Actually there are several factors why many people are “stuck” in that rank. Having trouble getting to a high rank doesn’t mean they are bad players. In fact, many people who can be said to have never been lucky to get a good team,

The following are reasons why high rank in ML is not a guarantee of mobile legends skills:

1. Mobile Legends is a Team Game

Mobile Legends is a type of MOBA game which of course is a type of team game. Each player’s skills will be combined to win the game. Each player has different skills. Obviously there will be players who have better skills and some who have less good skills. Therefore every player must understand the role they are playing.

Often many players are unlucky and stuck with unsuitable teams or even burdens. This can affect the rank of the players because playing with an unsuitable team will pull them down. It will be a little difficult to see the player’s contribution when the average skill level of the player  are overlaps.

The best thing to do is understand and play according to your role. At least this will help your contribution to the team will be good.

2. Role Can Affect Rank That “Stuck”

Role position can also make players less able to show their best game. Like support heroes, this type of hero will depend on the role of hero carry. It is very unlucky to get a carry hero who plays poorly when we are good support.

Often when things get worse, support heroes are often blamed. This is usually because the team has a bad or even toxic carry hero player. Of course this will be very detrimental to players who have a support role, they can not shine and show their potential.

3. A Solo Player

Lots of players are selfish and don’t want to contribute well to the team. Players with this way of playing will certainly make team communication difficult when playing. This is very detrimental to the potential and how to play other players.

Therefore solo players are often said to be players whose skills are lacking because they are caught in the middle rank. This is because they waste opportunities in good teams and have good cooperation, they can show their respective potential.

There are so many factors that can affect performance in a rank match. Also follow our social media on Instagram.



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