How many MB to Play Mobile Legends (ML)?

Therefore, if you are curious how many MB are you going to spend when playing the Mobile Legends game? Regarding this, let's look at the following reviews.


Mobile Legends gamers who rely on data packages certainly really need information about how many MB they run out when playing Mobile Legends. Well this time we will answer it. Therefore, if you are curious how many MB are you going to spend when playing the Mobile Legends game? Regarding this, let’s look at the following reviews.

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that you can play online, so in its use, you need a data package to play, a data or internet package of course divided into two.

Some use cellular internet packages, others use WiFi. Playing Mobile Legends games will certainly be smoother using WiFi, but many of you also use data.

How many MB to Play Mobile Legends (ML)?

Playing Mobile Legends games in one match is about 10 minutes to 40 minutes. But generally in the 20th minute the game is usually finished.

Now for the data used in one game, it will generally spend around 10 MB – 15 MB only. So when you play for an hour, it will only spend about 30-40 MB.

Even so, the data released will certainly not be the same in every match, there are various things that might make your quota even more wasteful.

For example, when there is an in-game update, this update will absorb more of your quota and even reach up to 4 GB more.

Another thing with the various new events that are presented, each new event that is released will eat up quite a lot of data that you have to download first.

So that data usage will be more wasteful than usual. Therefore, you must have a lot of data when playing Mobile Legends games.

Indeed, online games are certainly not the only ones that consume a lot of data, various other applications running in the background will silently suck up the quota.

For example notifications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other similar applications, to get updates about incoming messages will use your data, so this will make data more wasteful.

There are some tips that can make you save money in playing Mobile Legends in addition to using WiFi. Some of these tips are as follows.

How many MB to Play Mobile Legends (ML)?

First, you can turn off all background applications that will always be active when playing, such as Facebook, Twitter to WhatsApp.

Second, you must download all Mobile Legends resource data first using a WiFi network, after everything is downloaded, then use cellular data.

Lastly is to use the Low Graphics setting which will make your data even more jealous and smoother when played.

So that’s it for a review of how many MBs are spent when playing the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the above review can be useful and useful for those of you who need it. See you! Keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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