FF Diamond Valentine Discount on Change Your Fate Free Fire

This event is usually called Change Your Fate, where this event will tell you to determine the discount on all the items in the event.


This time there is a FF Diamond Valentine discount on Change Your Fate Free Fire, but usually Garena Free Fire will present a Paid Event, usually this event will use Diamond. But Garena will not be too burdensome for the players to spend a lot of money, because there is also such a thing as a Discount Event.

This event is usually called Change Your Fate, where this event will tell you yourself to determine a discount on all items in the event. For example, there is a bundle that costs up to 1000 Diamonds and you get a 90% FF Diamond Valentine discount, then the price of the bundle will be very cheap.

At this event you can also determine the prize too, so you can determine the prize if it is suitable.

On this occasion we will discuss the latest Change Your Fate Event from Free Fire.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

FF Diamond Valentine Discount On Change Your Fate Free Fire

You can look for it in the Event section, then just enter the Change Your Fate Event. When you have entered this event, at first you will be asked to decide for yourself the FF Diamond Valentine Discount you will get. Uniquely, this discount will be obtained randomly.

From the lowest Free Fire Diamond Valentine discount, which is 30% and the highest is up to 90%. Of course this discount will be quite profitable once in the future. You can also determine the prize, but this is also the same situation, the Prize will be random. If you are lucky, then prizes in the form of expensive Bundles and 90% Free Fire Diamond Valentine Discounts can be obtained at this event later.

In this event you can also determine the Fate of a Discount too, you can also change the amount of discount that is currently being owned. For example, your discount is 30%, you can Spin again to find a bigger discount.

For the prize too, you can randomly search it again. So that the prize you want in the list option is there. However, to perform Discount Spin and Random Prize, 10 Diamonds are needed each.

Even though you have to use Diamond, of course you won’t be too disadvantaged. Maybe when you do Spin Discounts and Random Prizes, you get even better. Anyway, this event is very suitable for Free Fire players to participate in.

You can set the Free Fire Diamond Valentine discount for yourself, so there is no connection with the system about the discount. If you are lucky, when you decide on the first Free Fire Diamond Valentine Discount, you immediately get 90%.

But at the Change Your Fate Free Fire event this time, you can only buy 3 items, so choose the right shopping item.

So, those are some information on the Free Fire Diamond Valentine Discount event that we can convey on this occasion. How? Want to try your luck right away in the Change Your Fate event?

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